People in Healing Chakra Retreat near Honor's Haven

Group Retreat Programs

Honor’s Haven offers 2-night 3-day retreats with preset programs designed for the dedicated goal of wellness, team-building, or personal innovation for organizational change. Each program includes 3 main workshop sessions, plus an introduction and a wrap-up.

People at Peak Energy Wellness session near Honor's Haven

Peak Energy Wellness

This retreat teaches basic principles and practices of holistic wellness for body, mind, and emotion. Participants will learn how to maintain optimal energy, manage stress, and create a healthier work environment for all. Sessions include mindfulness, breathwork, energy work, hiking, outdoor meditation, healthy eating, and weight management. The benefits of this retreat will create a lasting impact for positive lifestyle changes for all participants.

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High Impact Team-Building

This retreat helps groups to reassess team strengths and expand their true potential. Sessions include ground activities, ropes course (high and low), climbing walls, hiking, team projects, council dialogue, and campfire. Group’s own discussion sessions can be interwoven into the flow, too. This retreat will provide positive stimulation to build trust and teamwork for responsible risk-taking, problem-solving, and goal achievement.

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Self-Discovery And Innovation

This retreat guides groups to reflect on their own beliefs and patterns, become aware of their limitations and strengths, and expand their boundaries for acceptance, insights, and new possibilities. Participants will be guided to open up their minds, create heart connections, and refresh their perspectives. The lessons of this program will help the whole group keep the momentum for continuous growth and positive change.

People at a Ropes course ground at Honor’s Haven

Day Retreat Program

For the groups with limited time out of the office, Honors Haven offers a Day Retreat program for Wellness and Team Building in a convenient 9 to 5 schedule.