Guests holding hands & walking at Honor's Haven Retreat

The Council Way Retreat

Minimum 10 People. Available March- December
Find the true potential of your team for greatness through the council way, an ancient art of invoking wisdom from the collective unconscious.
While obsessed with short-term quantitative values such as speed, volume, and amount, we easily lose focus on the essential qualitative values of realizing our life purpose and organizational mission, which is the true source for achieving greatness. The Council Way Retreat, by applying the ancient practice of accessing the collective tribal wisdom, will help your team develop trust, connect with each other, and harness the power of heart intelligence for an authentic innovative change. This retreat, facilitated by our professional corporate trainers and life-long practitioners of mindful leadership, help you find a way to manifest your organization’s true power and greatness.

People holding hands in a circle at Honor's Haven Retreat

Most known benefits include:

  • Higher staff morale: With trust and positive mindsets, your team members will be happier and feel more positive about your organization.
  • Employees with better mental focus: Mindfulness and wellness practices will help your employees maintain focus, and better manage their stress.
  • Better inter-staff relations: heart-level connection and trust will create a harmonious energy at a workplace, supporting great teamwork and collaboration.
  • Higher productivity: Maintained focus, less stress and great teamwork will lead to increased productivity and greater achievements.
  • Creativity & Adaptability: Access to the collective intelligence supports new perspectives and insights for continuous innovations.
People holding hands at an outdoor activity at Honor's Haven Retreat

Program teaches:

  • How to manage personal limitations such as fear, anxiety, and stress
  • How to communicate with each other with trust and openness
  • How to access the power of mindfulness and unconscious intelligence
  • How to connect with each other at heart-level for supportive relationships
People at an outdoor activity at Honor's Haven Retreat

Sample Program Schedule

Day 1                                            

  • Welcoming & Orientation
  • Wellness class for relaxation & energy boosting
  • Program overview, reflection, and mind-setting

Day 2                                            

  • Morning: Team-building activities for reflection in action
  • Afternoon: Council Way workshop
  • Evening: Reflection for insights and integration

Day 3                                            

  • Nature walk and guided meditation
  • Assuring application, Q & A
  • Wrap up

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