1 to 1 outdoor activity session at Honor's Haven Retreat

Finding Answers Within Retreat

Develop inner strengths, build solid connections, and inspire innovative changes.

According to a recent report, more than 2/3 of workplace turnovers are due to a lack of soft skills such as communication, trust, and self-regulation instead of technical skills. Moreover, the importance of soft skills has been augmented by the disruptive impact of the pandemic and the change it caused to personal lives and the work environment.
Combining team games, mindfulness practice, and heart-level connection, this retreat helps participants discover their inner strengths, enhance their capacity for change and adaptation, and improve communication and teamwork.

Couple at Relationship healing session at Honor's Haven Retreat

Most known benefits include:

  • Confidence and trust: Finding inner strengths within and acknowledging the same in others helps build self-confidence and trust in others.
  • Maintained energy and focus: Increased capacity for self-regulation helps people manage their energy and stay focused for longer.
  • Better communication: positive energy and focus help people communicate without being affected by stress and negative mental/behavioral patterns.
  • Positive inter-staff relations: High energy, better communication, and increased trust help to build and maintain positive relationships among staff.
  • Creativity & Adaptability: A open mind and positive attitude toward each other encourages creativity and innovation.
People engaged in outdoor meditation at Honor's Haven Retreat

Program teaches:

  • How to effectively manage stress through breathing techniques
  • How to become aware of ego barriers and how to overcome them
  • How to manage disruptive emotions and behavioral patterns
  • How to refresh and maintain peak energy
  • How to improve focus and mental clarity
  • How to use the power of positive thinking and mindsets
Guests engaged in a group activity at Honor's Haven Retreat

Sample Program Schedule

Day 1                                            

  • Welcoming & Orientation
  • Wellness class for mind-body opening & energy boosting
  • Self-reflection for awareness and discovery

Day 2                                            

  • Morning: Expanding capacity for acceptance and change
  • Afternoon: Positive connection with oneself and with others
  • Evening: Application of mindfulness for heart connection and letting go

Day 3                                            

  • Guided nature walk and meditation for reflection & integration
  • Assuring application, Q & A
  • Wrap up

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