Meditating session at Shawangunk Park near Honor's Haven Retreat

Peak Energy Wellness Retreat

In the United States, we spend more than 18% of our GDP (Gross Domestic Product) on healthcare costs — a major drag on our productivity as a nation. Investing in wellness is about more than healthcare costs. Other threats to your company’s productivity include absenteeism, presenteeism (when people show up but don’t function well), disengagement (only 33% of the American workforce is actively engaged), and turnover.

With more than 20 years of experience as a leader in wellness, we will help you create a healthier and happier workplace to unlock the full potential of your company and its employees. With uniquely engaging hands-on learning experiences, workshops provide practical knowledge and tools for lasting impact and benefits. Learning simple and effective wellness tools can help you work with greater efficiency and effectiveness at home and at work.

Women sitting on rocks meditating near Honor's Haven Retreat

Program offers:

  • Energy Principles
  • Power of Mindfulness
  • Stress Management
  • Healthy Gut for Immune-Boosting
  • Guided Outdoor Meditation
People engaged in outdoor exercising near Honor's Haven Retreat

Expected Program Outcomes

  • Increased personal resilience
  • Improved stress management
  • Increased energy and enhanced focus
  • Refreshed motivation for positive lifestyle changes
  • Worksite culture prioritizing wellness, and resilience
  • Positive energy, attitudes, and mindsets
People in healing chakra formation near Honor's Haven Retreat

Sample Program Schedule

Day 1                                            

  • Welcoming & Orientation
  • Wellness class for relaxation & energy boosting
  • Program overview

Day 2                                            

  • Morning: Yoga/Exercise, power of mindfulness
  • Afternoon: Stress management & personal resilience
  • Evening: Healthy gut for a healthy brain, day review

Day 3                                            

  • Nature walk and guided meditation for reflection & integration
  • Assuring application, Q & A
  • Wrap up

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