People sitting on rocks bye the waterfall near Honor’s Haven Retreat

Self-Discovery & Innovation Retreat

While looking at computer screens and searching outside for more information, we are disconnected from our inner strength and wisdom, which is the source of true insights and authentic change and innovation. Guided mindfulness practice and mind-opening activities help participants reconnect with themselves and find their own inner strengths. Program outcomes will include reduced stress and anxiety, increased focus, heightened sense of wellbeing, fewer absences, and longer employee retention.

Relationship Healing session in the woods near Honor's Haven Retreat

Benefits include:

  • Higher staff morale: Reducing stress in the workplace means your employees will be happier and feel more positive about your organization.
  • Employees with better mental focus: Research shows that mindfulness meditation increases mental abilities; especially the ability to focus.
  • Better inter-staff relations: When people are stressed at work, tempers flare and relationships can sour, leading to less cooperative teams.
  • Higher productivity: Your staff will make better decisions when less affected by stress. Reduced stress and maintained focus lead to increased productivity.
  • Creativity & Adaptability through an open mind and expanded perspectives
Women in an indoor session at Honor’s Haven Retreat

Program teaches:

  • How to effectively manage stress through breathing techniques & body awareness
  • How to deal with the self-sabotaging thoughts and negative emotions
  • Simple yet powerful exercise to release tension and reduce stress
  • How to refresh energy and maintain focus and vitality
  • How to use the power of self-love and forgiveness
  • How to let go of negative emotional memories
People in healing chakra formation near Honor's Haven Retreat

Sample Program Schedule

Day 1                                            

  • Welcoming & Orientation
  • Wellness class for relaxation & energy boosting
  • Program overview

Day 2                                            

  • Morning: Basic mindfulness and self-reflection
  • Afternoon: Mindfulness training with breathing techniques and energy practices
  • Evening: Application of mindfulness for heart connection and letting go

Day 3                                            

  • Nature walk and guided meditation for reflection & integration
  • Assuring application, Q & A
  • Wrap up

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