Group Retreats at Honor’s Haven

Find Out Your Team’s True Potential and Redefine What Success Means to You.

To help individuals and groups develop inner strengths and increase their capacity for change and success, Honor’s Haven offers corporate retreat programs and packages.

Curated and facilitated by our dedicated corporate retreat team, our programs will allow you a priceless opportunity for bonding, innovation, and the co-creation of plans for a better future for your organization and all your stakeholders. All activities and workshops during the retreat are designed and facilitated for the outcomes of enhanced leadership and interpersonal skills, increased personal resilience and strength, and greater trust and team bonding.

What Makes Honor’s Haven Retreat Different

  • Professional facilitation by expert staff with knowledge, skills, and experience
  • Healthy refreshing environment with natural forest, expansive lawn, pristine creek, and lake
  • Ideal setting in Upstate New York, just 2 hours from Manhattan, easily accessible from most big cities on the East Coast
  • Full range of facilities to accommodate all different requests, challenges, and fun
  • Integrated wellness services to enhance your retreat experience
  • Curated programs and services to serve your organization’s unique goals
  • Resort amenities to make your retreat convenient and enjoyable.

What We Offer

Group Retreat Programs

2-night 3-day retreats with preset programs designed for the dedicated goals of wellness, team-building, or personal innovation for organizational change.

Custom Retreat Packages

2-night 3-day retreat with selected sessions for Wellness, Team-building, or Personal innovation. Retreat itineraries are flexible to accommodate the group’s agenda.

Outdoor wedding venue next to lake and mountains

Host Your Event

You can create and host your own retreat. Any workshop and activity session in our retreat programs can be added for your retreat enhancements.

Seats set up in a conference hall

Meeting Space

Committed to providing you with the best experience possible, Honor’s Haven offers 48,608 square feet of conference space with amenities, views, and versatility that are unsurpassed in the area.

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