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Enhance your mind, body, and spirit at Honor’s Haven

Restore your spirits and rekindle your energies in a stunning natural setting with our relaxing and refreshing Wellness Getaways and transformative Signature Retreats thoughtfully designed by wellness experts.

Our welcoming and inclusive experiences include yoga, qigong, hiking, ziplining, and new outdoor adventures. Take time for yourself in our spa, fitness center, and indoor and outdoor pools. Or bask in harmony with nature as you meditate in the Kiva Garden, walk the labyrinth garden, and explore the mountain trails on your own. 

A beautiful refuge in New York’s Hudson Valley region, Honor’s Haven is nestled amongst 260 acres of lush gardens and rolling hills, surrounding a freshwater lake at the foot of the Shawangunk Mountain Range.

Due to Covid-19, we updated our Policy for Health & Safety, and our operational schedul e and amenity availability are being updated regularly. Please check the links below for details.

Health & Safety | Amenities Update


As of April 1, 2021, all restrictions for traveling into NY have been lifted. Anyone traveling from a non-contiguous state (Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Vermont) must fill out a Traveler Health Form.


Click here for updated restrictions and to fill out the Traveler Health Form.

Wellness Getaways

Refresh and rejuvenate physically, mentally, and spiritually with our well-being stays and gently guided 3-day 2-night wellness getaways. Explore yoga, qigong, guided meditations, and other general wellness practices, or focus on a single topic, such as healthy eating and gut health, minimalism, strengthening your body’s natural immunity, outdoor adventures, and family bonding.

Catskills R&R Retreat

A transformative 3-day 2-night in the beautiful Catskills of New York State. Our R&R Retreat offers a complete wellness experience to fully rejuvenate physically, mentally and energetically through daily wellness classes, guided hikes/meditations and a wellness workshop.

$750 (Single Occupancy) | $590 (Double Occupancy), All inclusive

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Family Wellness Retreat

This “All INCLUSIVE FAMILY WEEKEND RETREAT” is designed for families and friends who want to recharge, relax and reconnect, while being surrounded by nature with various wellness activities. Build a new family tradition for care and wellness.

$710 (Single Occupancy) | $550 (Double Occupancy), All inclusive, Youth & Kids discounts available

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Healing Spa Package

Relax and Refresh for Serenity, Vitality and Empowerment. Our Healing Spa offers guests the complete wellness experience through the wellness classes, guided hikes/meditations, a massage session, meditative walk in Labyrinth and personal free time for on-site amenities.

$780 (Single Occupancy) | $620 (Double Occupancy), All inclusive

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Minimalist's Getaway

Life is challenging, but it doesn’t need to be stressful. We are making it even more so by adding things to our life that we don’t need or appreciate. We can make our life simpler and enjoy it more fully while using our time and energy for more meaningful purposes.

$750 (Single Occupancy) | $590 (Double Occupancy), All inclusive

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Healthy Eater's Haven

Want to get inspired to change your eating without being stressed or overwhelmed? Need more push and motivation for healthy eating? Our Healthy Eater’s Weekend has it all in one package. Learn how to integrate dietary change into your life for better health with ease and fun.

$750 (Single Occupancy) | $590 (Double Occupancy), All inclusive

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Kids in Adventure

Tired of seeing your kids kept indoors for too long? Want to see them rekindle their passion for learning by learning useful real-life skills? Want to see them shine out in joy, excitement and pride by overcoming their limitations? We have a package for your kids.

$670 (Single Occupancy) | $543 (Double Occupancy), All inclusive, Youth & Kids discounts available

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New You in All Adventures

Love outdoor life and adventures? We put all styles of adventures into a power package, which will help you stretch your body, mind and spirit as far as you want to go in multiple directions.

$740 (Single Occupancy) | $575 (Double Occupancy), All inclusive

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Shawangunk Wine Tour Package

Sit back and unwind while we take you on a scenic and relaxing journey to three of the Catskills’ best wineries, but hurry because seating is limited to just 13 people per day!

1 Night 2 Days package, available from April1st through November 1st

$390 (Single Occupancy) | $485(Double Occupancy), Breakfast and Dinner Included

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Signature Retreats

Dive deep into specific aspects of wellness with our special series of Signature Retreats, including the Self-Renewal Detox, Finding Your True Self, Peaceful Warrior’s Camp, Couples Reconnection, Healing Qigong, Healing Chakras, and Living Essentials.

Peaceful Warriors Camp

Our world needs more people to have hero’s spirit to care about people and the planet with all lives on it. This retreat offers an opportunity to find this spirit, connect with like-minded people and get inspired to create changes for a positive impact for everyone.

$650 (Single Occupancy) | $490 (Double Occupancy), All inclusive

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Finding Your True Self

Do you want to discover the person you were born to be? Have you been searching for more fulfillment in your life? Do you feel something needs to change, but you don’t know where to start? A powerful transformation program that unlocks your true inner power gives you the answer!

$850 (Single Occupancy) All inclusive

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Self-Renewal Detox Retreat

The Self-Renewal Detox Retreat is for individuals who are seeking holistic healing of their body, mind and spirit. In the program, participants will cleanse their body of toxins, awaken their natural healing power and gain enhanced self-awareness. 

$1,950 (Single Occupancy) All inclusive

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Couples Healing Retreat

Couples Reconnection Retreat

Take a transformative journey that will breathe new life and passion into your relationship. For couples looking to rekindle their physical, emotional, and spiritual attunement, this retreat provides an opportunity to deepen relationships, foster genuine heart-to-heart connections, and remove obstacles. Guided wellness services, amenities, and immersive natural healing environments support this program.

$950 (Single Occupancy) | $790 (Double Occupancy), All inclusive

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Healing Qigong Retreat

If you are passionate about seeking body, mind and spiritual health, then we have something in common and share an important energetic connection. Deep within, your intuition is letting you know that there is something meaningful for you here.

$1,200 (Single Occupancy) All inclusive

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Immune Booster

Build your strength from inside and guard yourself against invasions from outside. In this retreat, we offer a package of knowledge, practices and tools to keep your immune system in good shape by exercise, meditation, positive emotions, gut health, and healthy diet.

$780 (Single Occupancy) | $620 (Double Occupancy), All inclusive

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Living Essentials

Living Essentials

The pandemic has put everything in our life to test, leading us to reflect on what's essential in our life. Worrying about surviving in the wilderness may be a stretch, but there are ways to make our lives less stressful and more sustainable from the inside out.

$1,650 (Single Occupancy) | $1,330 (Double Occupancy), All inclusive

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Healing Chakras Retreat

You are more than your body. Your entire self comprises your physical, energy and spiritual bodies. True happiness is attained in the harmonious balance of these three bodies. What connects and balances these three is the energy system called chakras.

$850 (Single Occupancy) | $695 (Double Occupancy), All inclusive

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People at healing qi-gong retreat
People getting ready to zipline
People at ropes course

What we offer

Framed by 260 acres of rolling hills, beautiful gardens, and a serene lake, Honor’s Haven offers wellness getaways, adventures, retreats, and experiences for individuals, couples, families, and groups. 

With the assistance of our onsite event planners, we also offer fully tailored services and unparalleled hospitality for weddings, team-building retreats, corporate conferences, family reunions, church groups, and more. Our programs and services range from traditional meetings to recreational activities and special celebrations.

Wellness and Spa Services

The spa at Honor’s Haven offers massage, aromatherapy, hot stone, and reflexology services to rejuvenate you, while our team of experienced healers incorporate energy healing, life coaching, intuitive healing, acupressure, and nature meditation to restore the physical body, but also heal emotional issues, fear, and self-defeating habits.


jacuzzi at a spa

The Hudson Valley is one of the best places in New York State to experience all four seasons: quiet winter snowfalls, spring blossoms, summer sunshine and autumn leaves. Located midway between New York City and Albany, and an easy drive from New Jersey, this area is one of the most convenient year-round destinations to enjoy every season.

Our latest news

20 burned-out frontliners invited to Honor’s Haven wellness retreat to learn techniques to restore, empower & relieve stress

We recently opened our doors to 20 frontline healthcare workers for a complimentary wellness retreat. Members of the group were suffering from physical, emotional, and mental symptoms ranging from feeling numb or disconnected to having frequent and debilitating anxiety as result of working closely with COVID patients and their families. Our wellness experts taught them Brain & Body techniques to restore, empower, and relieve stress.

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Make a Difference for Yourself and the World with Living Essentials

Created in 1992 by USA Weekend, Make a Difference Day, held this year on October 24th, has received support from numerous organizations over the years. The goal? To encourage people across the country to do something that will make an actual difference in the world around them.

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People standing outside next to sign that says Eco Health
Honor World Peace At Our Peaceful Warriors Camp

Aligned with the spirit of World Peace Day, Honor’s Haven offers our Peaceful Warriors Camp. This motivating retreat offers individuals an opportunity to connect with others to share their enthusiasm to create a positive impact that can affect many locally and globally. 

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Man getting strapped into ropes course
Take an Autumn Wellness Retreat in the Catskills

Have you ever dreamed of finding an ideal escape from the world? Of going to a place that is relaxing, serene, comforting and restful? Your spiritual, mental and physical needs are so important. Maybe you have never found your perfect escape. Maybe it’s just been too long since your last adventure. There is nothing quite like a luxurious getaway at a spa to lift your spirits, comfort your body, increase your energy and soothe your mind.

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Exterior of Honor's Haven in the evening
Team Building Opportunities in Catskills NYC

Team building exercises can boost productivity, increase morale, and spur creativity. Even so, not everyone has time to incorporate team building into their daily routine. If you are looking for team building near NYC, consider Honor’s Haven. Our beautiful retreat located in the Catskill Mountains provides the ideal setting in which to focus on building and developing your team.

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Ropes course

Meetings & Group Events

We can accommodate large and small events, indoor and outside, and at any time of the year. Our location, perfectly situated between New York City and Albany, makes Honor’s Haven Retreat & Conference an ideal Upstate destination, combining the views, versatility and services not easily found in most metropolitan facilities.

Tables and chairs set up for event

Pacific Ballroom

With 5,160 square feet of naturally lit space, A/V systems and eleven-and-a-half-foot ceilings, this room is multi-functional to be used for meetings, exhibit space or a banquet facility.

Theatre seats with stage

Atlantic Hall

The Atlantic Hall can be used as an amphitheater or even as a night club for live entertainment. With its built-in stage, screens, lighting and seating for up to 400, the uses for this venue are endless.

Tables and chairs set up for event

Terrace View

The Terrace View Room, adorned with a wall of windows overlooking the lake and mountains, provides a casual environment tailor-made for cozy private events of 100 guests or fewer.

Chairs set up for a conference

Training Center

Comprising seven adaptable spaces, the training center is designed to accommodate groups of ten to 200 people with the greatest amount of flexibility for whole group meetings and breakout sessions.

Conference table in meeting space

Summit Rooms

The five unique sizes of Summit Rooms, conveniently situated right below the main lobby, are suitable for break-out sessions, hospitality rooms and small-scale events of every type. 

Empty hall for event

Solarium Hall

With a private lobby area, a built-in stage and a beautiful hard-wood floor, this room is an excellent choice for small group meetings, dances, exercise classes or even private parties. 

Empty hall for event

Polaris Hall 1& 2

With its built-in stage the Polaris Hall 1 is an excellent choice for dance instruction, exercise classes or even yoga. Polaris Hall 2 is a small breakout room for up to 20 guests.

Tables set up for special event

Lakeside Tent

With a seating capacity of up to 200 guests, both mid-sized and large affairs are easily accommodated in this private and enchanting setting with inspiring views of the lake and mountains.

Chairs set up for event

Exhibition Center

Our Exhibition Center offers 17,279 SQ. FT of usable space with high ceilings and excellent lighting that can be customized to your liking. It’s also ideal for theater-style events seating up to 1,000.

Special Events

More than just a place to gather, Honor’s Haven offers an inspiring setting for wedding, birthday parties, holiday celebrations, banquets and more. Surrounded by rolling hills and scenic woodlands, our adaptable and creative spaces accommodate groups of all sizes. Whether you’re hosting a casual cocktail reception, a tented party by the lake or a formal gala with dinner and dancing in our grand Pacific Ballroom, our planning team will design an event where every detail matches your vision.


Tables and buffet set up for event
Tables set up for event
Roses and tables set up for event
Food at event for mom
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