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  • Honesty, Diligence, Responsibility… We seek to encourage these attributes in all of our staff to ensure the highest level of service and hospitality.
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    Minimalist Lifestyle Getaway

    Life is challenging, but it doesn’t need to be stressful. We are making it even more so by adding things to our life that we don’t need or appreciate.
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  • 190x140thumb_12.spa_083120

    Healing Spa

    Want to get inspired to change your eating without being stressed or overwhelmed? Need more push and motivation for healthy eating? Our Healthy Eater’s Weekend has it all in one package.
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  • 190x140thumb_11.healthyeater_083120

    Healthy Eater’s Haven

    Want to get inspired to change your eating without being stressed or overwhelmed? Need more push and motivation for healthy eating? Our Healthy Eater’s Weekend has it all in one package.
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  • 190x140thumb_4.alladventure_083120

    Discover New You in All Adventures

    Love outdoor life and adventures? We put all styles of adventures into a power package, which will help you stretch your body, mind and spirit as far as you want to go in multiple directions.
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  • 190x140thumb_3.kids_083120

    Kids in Adventure

    Tired of seeing your kids kept indoors for too long? Want to see them rekindle their passion for learning by learning useful real-life skills? Want to see them shine out in joy, excitement and pride by overcoming their limitations?
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  • 190x140thumb_2.familywellness_083120

    Family Wellness Retreat

    This “All INCLUSIVE FAMILY WEEKEND RETREAT” is designed for families and friends who want to recharge, relax and reconnect, while being surrounded by nature with various wellness activities. Build a new family tradition for care and wellness.
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  • 190x140thumb_9.chakra_083120

    Healing Chakra Retreat

    This retreat helps you restore balance to your chakras and recover the health and strength of your body, mind, and spirit. All learnings, insights and experiences during this retreat will guide you to the path of fulfilling life.
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  • 190x140thumb_14.livingessential_083120

    Living Essentials Retreat

    The wisdom, principles, and skills that you attain through this retreat will be your reliable companions for life.
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  • 190x140thumb_15.findingyourself_083120

    Finding Your True Self Retreat

    Finding Your True Self Retreat guides you to unblock negative emotions and habits, and reconnects you with your life purpose.
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  • 190x140thumb_7.qigong_083120

    Healing Qigong Retreat

    At our Healing Qigong retreat, we will guide you in trainings based on Qi (or vital energy), self-healing, consciousness and the understanding of interrelationships, all in the beautiful and pristine nature. Each aspect of your being— body, mind, spirit— are inseparable and must cooperate fully for optimal health.
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Rooms & Suites

Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa offers 232 spacious rooms and suites that provide expansive lake, mountain, and garden views. Choose between standard, executive, or suite accommodations; all designed to enhance your stay.

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Meeting Space

Committed to providing you with the best experience possible, Honor's Haven offers conference space, amenities, views and versatility that is unsurpassed in the area. Your event planning has never been so simple or enjoyable.

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In line with our plan for sustainable development, Honor's Haven is turning its existing nine-hole golf course into a Healing Park. With this change, we seek to offer an environment and experiences for holistic wellness, transformational leadership and greener hospitality.

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Wellness Center

Our Wellness Classes are a combination of Energy Yoga, Healing Tai-Chi, Breathing & Meditation. Each class is designed to awaken the body's sensitivity. You will increase your power of total concentration and awareness of the more delicate energies moving in the body.

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