Group of people smiling and stretching at Honor’s Haven Retreat

Meeting Enhancements

Maximize Your Group Gathering with Our Activities

Our meeting enhancement options will add more energy, depth and meaning to your group’s meeting and retreat. Options include Wellness Workshops, Team Building Workshops and Team Building Packages. Our group sales managers will work with you to find programs and activities that you can fit into your agenda and itinerary.

People sitting in outdoor chairs near Honor’s Haven Retreat

Introduction to Holistic Wellness

What are you looking forward to on this retreat? What do you want to take away from your time here? At the welcoming introduction, your retreat schedule will be reviewed to guide you toward your goals. After, through simple relaxation exercises, your mind will become clearer and calmer from any busy thoughts and fatigue you may have arrived with at first. So you’ll be ready to experience pure mindfulness.

People doing Qi Gong in woods near Honor’s Haven Retreat

Energy Yoga and Healing Qigong Class

While you stretch muscles and move joints gently, energy will flow more smoothly through the channels (meridians) of your body, refreshing the brain (clarity of mind) and replenishing as a whole.

People meditating on rocks in the woods near Honor’s Haven Retreat

Guided Outdoor Meditation

Reconnect with nature and with your companions. Whether we’re aware or not, we are indeed a part of the majesty, mystery and grace of the natural world. Through simple methods of awareness and focus, we can open our hearts and minds to the wonders and graces of the world around us.

An indoor yoga sessions taking place at Honor’s Haven Retreat

Wellness Workshop for Monthly Themes

Learning simple and effective wellness tools can help you work with greater efficiency and effectiveness at home and at work. Learn how to reduce stress, strengthen your core, sharpen your focus, boost your immunity, balance your emotions and alleviate physical pain through breathing techniques, mindfulness practices, healing exercises, and dietary guidelines. Details vary in accordance with monthly and seasonal themes.

People exploring in the garden at Honor’s Haven Retreat

Meditative Walk in Labyrinth

Our beautifully designed labyrinth allows you to walk down the path and reach the center. There, you will find a pagoda of completion and a place to rest. With your journey complete, connect with your recovered inner strength and make a wish beyond any transient and temporary success for true happiness and fulfillment in your life.

People at ropes course near Honor’s Haven Retreat

Team-building and Challenge Activities

Customized team-building games and outdoor challenge activities are available, facilitated by our certified professional staff. The group is challenged to involve all members in completing the specified task. Low elements provide an opportunity for critical thinking, positive risk‐taking and team‐building without the necessity of overcoming high anxiety. Your team will learn how to maximize the group’s potential by full collaboration and hands-on learning that engage everyone’s minds and hearts together.

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