People holding hands in a circle in the grounds at Honor’s Haven Retreat

Wellness Workshops

Relax and Recharge for Balance and Vitality

Wellness Workshops help you relax your body, calm your mind, recharge your energy and enhance your awareness. This will let you feel refreshed, promoting inner balance, serenity and vitality. Our workshop themes include: Wellness for All, Gut Health, Self-Reflection, Stress Management, Immune Boosting, Power of Mindfulness and Guided Outdoor Meditation

People in stress management Workshop at Honor’s Haven Retreat

Stress Management Workshop (1.5 hrs.)

Learn simple stress management strategies to help you work with greater efficiency at work and at home. Relaxation training is often an important component. Learn how to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and alleviate physical pain through meridian stretching, self-acupressure, breathing and meditation.

People at self reflection retreat near Honor’s Haven Retreat

Self-reflection Workshop (1.5 hrs.)

We are busy looking outside for solutions to the challenges of our life. However, timeless wisdom teaches us to look inside. Having time to quiet your mind and being present allows you to reconnect to your essence. This workshop, by guiding you to reflect on who you are and what you really want, helps you clarify your goals and directions, rekindle your passion for growth and rediscover your inner strengths to move forward.

People stretching in gut health workshop near Honor’s Haven Retreat

Gut Health Workshop (1.5 hrs.)

Gut health is not only for your digestion. It is the foundation for the health and wellness of your body and brain. Understand how your gut plays a direct role with the state of well-being, mental-moods and emotional freedom. This workshop is recommended for all ages and health conditions.

People stretching at immune boosting workshop near Honor’s Haven Retreat

Immune Boosting Workshop (1.5 hrs.)

More than 80% of your immune system is housed inside your gut. Learn how to strengthen your gut function and boost your immunity. By improving your gut condition and ANS (Autonomous Nervous System) balance, you can maximize the natural healing capacity within that keeps you healthy and strong against health threats inside and outside.

People at Wake Up Your Core Power session at Honor’s Haven Retreat

Wake Up Your Core Power (1.5 hrs.)

This workshop will go over the energy system of human body and teach how to use core strength and what difference it makes for overall health and wellbeing. Participants will engage in various postures and moves that help develop and strengthen the core and learn a simple exercise routine to keep the core strong and stay centered and grounded.

People doing a wellness workshop on a deck near Honor’s Haven Retreat

Power of Mindfulness Workshop (1.5 hrs.)

Mindfulness practices such as breathing techniques and meditation helps you calm your mind, manage your emotions and reduce stress. Moreover, it gives you the power to observe yourself and make healthier choices, leading toward lasting changes in your lifestyle and mindset. Learn ageless wisdom of mindfulness with lasting benefits.


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