People at outdoor retreat near Honor’s Haven Retreat

Team Building Workshops

Bring out the Best from Your Team

With a combination of indoor and outdoor activities of optimal level of mental, emotional and physical challenges, your team will be inspired to develop the maximum team potential for peak performance and outstanding results. Our holistic learning process helps groups to access their whole brain (right and left) for creative problem solving and optimal decision making, and heart-based leadership and trust. Modularized system will allow customization of the program to meet the unique needs and goals of your team.

Kids at the low ropes course at Honor’s Haven Retreat

Most Common Program Outcomes

  • Stress management: With simple tools like breathing and inner focus, participants learn how to recognize the stress, get hold of it and turn it into constructive energy
  • Effective Communication: Maintained awareness of the context and goals, and genuinely positive energy, intention and attitude substantially affect the consequences of communication.
  • Conflict resolution: Capacity to manage stress and positive energy enables people to keep their mind open and flexible, and find best win-win solutions for conflicts.
  • Worksite Wellness: With hands-on learning experience, participants learn how to maintain the wellness of their mind and body in their work environment, which will help to enhance their work performance and save health-related cost for the organization

Team Building Workshop Offers

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