People at a Ropes course ground at Honor’s Haven Retreat

Ropes Courses & Challenge Activities

Challenge Yourself to Expand Your Boundary

Our Ropes & Challenge Courses feature 12 low ropes elements, 13 high ropes elements, 3 paths of climbing walls, and 600-feet double ziplines that are sure to get your heart pumping and your team working together. Each element in these courses provides an opportunity for critical thinking, problem solving, responsible risk‐taking and team‐building. Your team will learn how to maximize the team potential by team-wide collaboration and hands-on learning that engage everyone’s brain and heart together.

With “challenge by choice” principle, our program allows everyone to stay involved in the program, engaged with their team, gaining valuable life skills and personal insights while performing meaningful roles for the team’s purpose. Through the experience of facing and overcoming challenges with team effort, your group will learn valuable leadership and teamwork skills that will take your organization to new levels of success.

People at a Ropes course ground at Honor’s Haven Retreat

Most Common Program Outcomes

  • Participative leadership & management skills to empower each other
  • Team-bonding with a higher sense of unity, individual accountability and shared vision.
  • Enhanced communication skills - open, clear, fast and reliable
  • A deeper sense of purpose - motivated and passionately inspired
  • Increased self-esteem, confidence and trust
  • Insightful mind for creative problem solving and innovative decision making
  • Powerful personality traits with care, respect, trust and ownership

Course Options

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