What are low elements?

Guests standing on a balancing pallet at Honor’s Haven Retreat

When we talk about our team-building challenge ropes course, we use the term “low element” vs. “high element.” Low elements are challenge course activities that keep participants on the ground or only a few feet above the earth — perfect for team members wary of heights.

Low element activities at Honor’s Haven include ground games, like Pressure Pit, traversing on suspended foot cables, balancing the whole group on a teetering platform, or transporting the team from one end of a field to the other using ropes and a wooden structure.

High elements take participants several feet above the ground, like the zip line and climbing tower. Low elements are great for team-building because they require collaboration, communication, ingenuity, support, and creativity to solve. They will always provide an opportunity for a group to develop and execute a plan to overcome a challenge.

Sometimes our initial plans don't pan out as expected and modifications or new approaches are required. A low element will test a group's resilience and build trust and confidence by the end. High elements are generally more physically demanding and more challenging to participants’ comfort zones.

Here at Honor’s Haven, we have two full low-elements challenge courses — one outside and one indoors — so that we can team-build in any weather.