Benefits and Breakthroughs of Team Building

Few People trying low-rope activities at Honor’s Haven Retreat

Many groups have come to Honor's Haven and have utilized our team-building services to amplify their stay, leaving with new perspectives and insights. From students learning the meaning of accountability during an upbeat ground activity, to corporate executives diving deeper into what shapes their group dynamic through a low ropes challenge, there can be a plethora of takeaways gained from as little as an hour and a half on the course.

Oftentimes groups will completely change their energy 180 from the start to the end of a session, leaving feeling more harmonious and with a greater degree of accomplishment. Heightened group morale and deeper meaningful connections are common benefits experienced by many of our groups.

As facilitators we strive to create experiences that invite participants to push past their comfort zone towards a space of growth and new understanding. This requires courage of the individual and the support of the group and facilitator. We have seen leaders gain deeper insight through taking a role as a follower, quieter people gain confidence voicing their opinion to solve a problem, talkative groups seeing the benefits of quieting the chatter and being more internal. Each attempt presents an opportunity to view our patterns and default behaviors. Whether during or after, it provides us with a chance to reflect on and or change our approach toward challenging situations in our personal and professional lives.

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