Signature Retreats

Designated weekends. Most are 3-Day, 2-Night. All meals included.

Our intensive Signature Retreats give wellness novices and enthusiasts a chance to dive deeper into specific areas of mind/body/spirit health with focused meditations, classes, workshops, and activities. Each is led by a single wellness expert who guides participants through the entire experience in order to ensure true positive transformation.

Included: A full schedule of meditations, classes, workshops, and activities led by the wellness master, plus all meals, yoga/qigong classes, daily activities, access to private hiking trails, multiple gardens and ECO Healing Park, and use of sports facilities and amenities, including indoor/outdoor pools, Jacuzzi, fitness center, pedal boating on the lake, and volleyball/basketball/tennis courts. 

Secret to Self-Healing Retreat

The ancient energy practice and principles of 10,000 years told us that human beings, nature, and all living things are one. It told us that we have the key to healing ourselves by awakening to this limitless energy within and around us. Through this retreat you will gain the tools to unlock and recover the natural health of your body, mind, and spirit from the ancient energy principles called “Water Up Fire Down”.

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Finding Your True Self Retreat

Do you want to discover the person you were born to be? Have you been searching for more fulfillment in your life? Do you feel something needs to change, but you don’t know where to start? A powerful transformation program that unlocks your true inner power gives you the answer!

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Healing Chakras Retreat

You are more than your body. Your entire self comprises your physical, energy and spiritual bodies. True happiness is attained in the harmonious balance of these three bodies. What connects and balances these three is the energy system called chakras.

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Healing Qigong Retreat

At our Healing Qigong retreat, we will guide you in training based on Qi/Chi/Ki (or vital energy) for self-healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually — all in a beautiful and pristine natural setting. Each aspect of your being — body, mind, and spirit— is inseparable and must cooperate fully for optimal health.

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Living Essentials Wisdom Retreat Series

The pandemic has put everything in our life to test, leading us to reflect on what's essential in our life. Worrying about surviving in the wilderness may be a stretch, but through this informative weekend you will be guided towards making your life more sustainable, meaningful, and enjoyable through principles, meditation, and natural wellness.

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Relationship Healing Retreat

Take a transformative journey that will breathe new life and passion into your everyday relationships with partners, siblings, friends, co-workers, family members, etc. For individuals looking to rekindle their physical, emotional, and spiritual attunement, this retreat provides an opportunity to deepen relationships, foster genuine heart-to-heart connections, and remove obstacles.

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Self-Renewal Detox Retreat

Are you seeking to break free of your unhealthy habits? During the Self Renewal Detox Retreat you will cleanse your body of toxins, awaken your natural healing power, and gain enhanced self-awareness. You will leave feeling empowered and inspired to consciously create the lifestyle you’ve always wanted while experiencing a deep physical and emotional transformation. 

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Peaceful Warriors Retreat

Our world needs more people with a hero’s spirit: people who care about the well-being of humanity, planet Earth, and its many life forms. This retreat, specifically for young adults, offers an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and become inspired to create change. 

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Holistic Weight Management Retreat

How many times have you tried to lose weight? Have you been on a diet? The key to successful weight management is recovering a healthy balance in your system. This retreat will guide you to refresh your mind and cleanse your body to recover it’s natural balance.

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