People meditating on a dock in the woods near Honor’s Haven Retreat

Signature Retreats

Designated weekends. Most are 3-Day, 2-Night. All meals included.

Our intensive Signature Retreats give wellness novices and enthusiasts a chance to dive deeper into specific areas of mind/body/spirit health with focused meditations, classes, workshops, and activities. Each is led by a single wellness expert who guides participants through the entire experience in order to ensure true positive transformation.

Included: A full schedule of meditations, classes, workshops, and activities led by the wellness master, plus all meals, yoga/qigong classes, daily activities, access to private hiking trails, multiple gardens and ECO Healing Park, and use of sports facilities and amenities, including indoor/outdoor pools, Jacuzzi, fitness center, pedal boating on the lake, and volleyball/basketball/tennis courts. 



Portrait of a woman meditating outside near Honor’s Haven Retreat

Finding Your True Self Retreat

Do you want to discover the person you were born to be? Have you been searching for more fulfillment in your life? Do you feel something needs to change, but you don’t know where to start? A powerful transformation program that unlocks your true inner power gives you the answer!

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2 women engaged Miracle Mind Healing Retreat at Honor's Haven Retreat

Miracle Mind Healing Retreat

Harness the power of your brain and heart to make the impossible possible. Learn profound principles and powerful techniques to coordinate your thought, feeling and action to vibrate in coherence to create the change you dream about. Find the power within to heal yourself and create happiness for yourself and others.

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A couple having Relationship Healing session near Honor's Haven Retreat

Relationship Healing Retreat

Take a transformative journey that will breathe new life and passion into your everyday relationships with partners, siblings, friends, co-workers, family members, etc. For individuals looking to rekindle their physical, emotional, and spiritual attunement, this retreat provides an opportunity to deepen relationships, foster genuine heart-to-heart connections, and remove obstacles.

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Woman sitting on a rock and meditating near Honor's Haven Retreat

Healing Chakras Retreat

You are more than your body. Your entire self comprises your physical, energy and spiritual bodies. True happiness is attained in the harmonious balance of these three bodies. What connects and balances these three is the energy system called chakras.

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