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10 Benefits of Unplugging

Here’s a quick list of reasons why you should take time each day to unplug from your screens, video games, phones, laptops, tablets, etc. 

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Eight Things to Remember to Help You Heal and Maintain Your Relationship

  1. Love evolves over time. Tao tells us that everything changes. Nothing lasts forever. If you accept this truth, you’ll save yourself from a great deal of fear, anger, and sadness.
  2. If you feel your love has changed, it's time to prepare for its next phase. I recommend that you take time to recharge and reflect on preparing for a new love story while taking a short break after the first phase of love. If possible, get away from where you live, and reconnect with nature. Consider taking a healing retreat together or by yourself. You deserve it. Take time to say to yourself, "Congratulations for coming this far."
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Healthy, In-Season & Sustainable Food: Garlic Scapes

Whether or not you’ve ever used them, it’s hard to escape garlic scapes when you visit your local Farmer’s Market at his time of year. For those new to these tasty and healthy treats, garlic scapes are the curled-up soft stems of garlic plants.  

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7 Easy Ways to Live More Sustainably

While we celebrate and honor the gifts that nature brings us every day at Honor’s Haven, April 22 — Earth Day — is a great time to recommit ourselves to a hopeful future and greater sustainability. Check out this quick list of seven easy things you can do to start living a more sustainable life. 

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Tips for making meditation a daily practice

Meditation can reduce stress and anxiety, calm the mind, improve sleep, quiet feelings of anger, improve focus and concentration, and lead to better overall wellness. Here are some quick tips to help you build and maintain a daily practice.

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20 burned-out frontliners invited to Honor’s Haven wellness retreat to learn techniques to restore, empower & relieve stress

We recently opened our doors to 20 frontline healthcare workers for a complimentary wellness retreat. Members of the group were suffering from physical, emotional, and mental symptoms ranging from feeling numb or disconnected to having frequent and debilitating anxiety as result of working closely with COVID patients and their families. Our wellness experts taught them Brain & Body techniques to restore, empower, and relieve stress.

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