Honors Haven Hosting Free Wednesday Lunchtime Wellness Live Online Sessions

Take 20 minutes for yourself mid-week to relax

A person doing Lunchtime Wellness Sessions at Honor’s Haven

Need a little mind-body-spirit break right now? Watch our first free online wellness session, How to Handle Stress Practically Within 5 Minutes, to relax, stretch, and meditate with Master Bama.

And please join us for upcoming free live-streaming Wednesday Lunchtime Wellness sessions on our Facebook page every other Wednesday, from 12:10-12:30 p.m.

Our Wednesday Wellness is great for all fitness levels, and wellness newbies, novices and experts, alike.

We’ll be doing stretches, breathing exercises, gentle movement, qigong, and/or guided meditation and exploring different aspects of wellness. We won’t be getting on the floor, so you can participate in a business suit, skirt, uniform, or pajamas. Come as you are!

JUNE 23 
Office Qi-Gong with Master Shiwon

Alleviate Shoulder and Neck Tension

JULY 21 
Master Bama
Three Steps To Find Answers From Within

Master Shiwon
Simple Method To Manage Stress At Work

Clear Your Mind With Brain Wave Vibration