10 Benefits of Unplugging

Here’s a quick list of reasons why you should take time each day to unplug from your screens, video games, phones, laptops, tablets, etc.

Woman feeling the air in the woods near Honor’s Haven Retreat
  1. You’ll sleep better (and faster) if end your screen time well before bedtime. 

  2. Your body isn’t meant to be hunched over a laptop or phone all day. You can end up straining your eyes, back and neck.

  3. Your mind and spirit will benefit from a clear break between the workday and your personal life. 

  4. You’ll reduce stress and anxiety if you quit doomscrolling — reading upsetting news stories for hours on end. Give yourself a time limit. 

  5. You’ll find more time to be with loved ones or follow your true passions, and discover new ones. 

  6. You’ll be more connected to rhythms and cycles of night and day, and the seasons. 

  7. You’ll be more present. 

  8. You can spend more time enjoying the mental and physical benefits of being in nature, including stress reduction and mood improvement.

  9. You’ll feel less lonely, jealous and discontent if you spend less time on social media looking at what others (say they) have. 

  10. You’ll eat more mindfully if you aren’t looking at a screen. Plus, you’ll actually enjoy your food!