Day view of a ropes course ground at Honor’s Haven Retreat

Team Building Facilities

Adventures & Activities to Maximize Your Team’s Potential

Few People trying low-rope activities at Honor’s Haven Retreat

Low Ropes

We have 12 low elements, 2 feet above the ground, each of which has unique learning points for individuals and the group. Low elements provide an opportunity for critical thinking, positive risk‐taking and team‐building without the necessity of overcoming high anxiety. Learning experiences with low elements will also serve as foundation for taking a greater challenge with high elements.

High Ropes

Key learning point with high ropes is taking a risk responsibly and mindfully under high stress. Because of its setting at more than 25 feet high with unique challenges, high ropes allow holistic learning experience by engaging the body, heart and brain all together instead of intellectual and cognitive understanding of the concepts. Insights and bonding will last beyond the retreat and continue to empower and inspire each individual and the whole team to break through real-life challenges.

Woman engaged in high rope course near Honor’s Haven Retreat
Rock climbing tower at Honor’s Haven Retreat

Outdoor Climbing Tower

Our climbing tower allows a total of six different routes on three sides of the structure, which are uniquely differentiated to accommodate various levels of challenges. You can choose your own path that fits your skills, strengths and passions. These climbing tower programs are designed to explore careful decision-making and problem-solving skills in an emotionally and physically safe environment.

Indoor Climbing Tower

Our newly built indoor climb wall and traverse wall allow year-round challenge activites regardless of weather conditions. The facility also features a mural of a giant blue dragon climbing up a waterfall. A dynamic combination of multiple paths allows you to try and switch as you climb to explore diverse challenges.

4 men at indoor climbing center at Honor's Haven Retreat
People at the zipline staring point at Honor's Haven Retreat


From a tower that offers a full view of the entire outdoor facilities, the 600-foot zipline sends you down the hill over an exhilarating speed of 35 miles-per-hour. It’s quite challenging, but that's how this experience gives you an unforgettable moment to keep and a great story to share. Ziplines can be used for both personal adventure and group bonding.