People in harnesses and helmets at ropes course near Honor’s Haven
People at a Ropes course ground at Honor’s Haven
Players in the ropes course at Honor’s Haven

Our Professional Staff

Certified by the Leaders in Team-Building & Outdoor Challenges

All staff are certified to facilitate outdoor challenge activities, including the ropes course and zipline. We work with leading organizations and professionals in ropes courses and outdoor activities for facility development, inspection, program development, staff training and certification.

People in harnesses at ropes course near Honor’s Haven


The Wilderness Institute, located in Santa Fe, New Mexico and Santa Monica, California, brings over 35 years of experience providing customized outdoor education, team-building and leadership programs. Additionally, The Wilderness Institute provides adventure-based team-building programs for corporate teams, schools and other organizations.

Founded in 1971, Project Adventure, (PA) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization in Hamilton, Massachusetts that brings the tenets of Outward Bound into an educational setting. The Full Value Contract and Challenge by Choice became foundational concepts the organization established to advance experiential education that eventually inspired millions of individuals to step out of their comfort zones and experience their values.

Pro Image manages adventure challenge course facilities, developing and delivering a variety of experiential, adventure-based learning projects. Located in Indiana, Pro Image oversees facilities in more than 100 locations across the Eastern states.