Spa & Healing Getaway

Relax and Refresh for Serenity, Vitality and Empowerment

Girl having body massage in Catskills Spa at Honor’s Haven

2 Nights, 3 Days

Available all year, WEEKENDS ONLY
*Some weekends unavailable


Our Spa & Healing Getaway offers guests the complete wellness experience through wellness classes, guided nature walks, a massage session, a private healing session and personal free time for on-site amenities.

Program Outline

  • Introduction to Holistic Wellness
  • Relaxation exercise for mindful calmness
  • Spa massage session (50min.)
  • Private healing session (50min. Natural Healing)
  • Guided Nature Walk: Reconnect with nature and as well as with your companions. Through simple methods of awareness and focus we can open our hearts and minds to the wonders and graces of the world around us.

** Spa massage & Private healing session does not include gratuity.

Program Benefits

  • Relaxation
  • Deep rest
  • Rejuvenation
  • Peaceful Mind


In the case of our Wellness Getaways, guests will enjoy daily meals, starting with dinner and concluding with breakfast and lunch on the day of departure.
The rates mentioned are per person and based on Standard Room accommodations.
*48 hour advanced booking required to guarantee spa treatment availability.

Call 844-469-7829


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