Tips for making meditation a daily practice

Close-up of woman meditating outside at Honor’s Haven Retreat

Meditation can reduce stress and anxiety, calm the mind, improve sleep, quiet feelings of anger, improve focus and concentration, and lead to better overall wellness. Here are some quick tips to help you build and maintain a daily practice.

  1. Know why you want to meditate — having a reason will make sticking to it easier.
  2. Find a dedicated spot in your home where you can be alone and shut the door. A quiet corner where you feel relaxed will work.
  3. Set a mat, a chair or a cushion there. No need to be fancy, just comfy.
  4. Commit to meditating around the same time each day. If you’re not at home at that time, schedule an earlier or later session, or find a place where you can meditate for a few minutes at your usual time. Trains, parks, and low-traffic staircases all work. 
  5. Find a meditation method you like and stay with it, or try new methods often. Whatever keeps you motivated.
  6. Start small if you need to. Even a single mindful minute a day can help get you started.
  7. Hold yourself accountable: check it off on your calendar, find an accountability buddy or keep a meditation log.