Interior of Spa with massage bed at Honor's Haven

Massage & Bodywork

Unwind and de-stress with our massage and bodywork treatments.

Our experienced massage therapists and bodyworkers use a variety of techniques to help you achieve your desired results, from deep tissue massage to Swedish massage, hot stone therapy to reflexology. 

Lady having a Swedish massage at Honor's Haven


Swedish massage is the most basic and relaxing massage. It uses medium pressure with long flowing strokes applied to most of the body and is intended to soothe minor aches and pains by reducing stress, improving blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, and minor muscle repair. It is also a medium that unifies and aligns the mind, body, and spirit.

25Min $70 / 50Min $105 / 75Min $145



Man under deep tissue massage at Honor's Haven

Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue Massage incorporates medium to deep pressure intended to move past the surface muscles and target more complex and specific muscle structures. The purpose of the Deep Tissue Massage is to alleviate pressure surrounding recurrent injuries or weakened areas of the body. The deep tissue technique is specifically tailored to the needs of the client and may or may not include the entire body, trigger point therapy, and stretching techniques. 

25Min $75 / 50Min $115 / 75Min $160



Close-up of reflexology session for woman at Honor's Haven


Reflexology is a massage that applies pressure to the feet and hands using specific thumb, finger, and hand techniques. Based on a system of zones and reflex areas that reflect an image of the body on the feet and hands, reflexology works under the premise that such therapy affects physical change to the body. This is a delightful treat for tired feet.

25Min $75 / 50Min $110 



Close-up of Aromatherapy Massage at Honor's Haven


Aromatherapy Massage is the practice of adding essential oils derived from flowers, bark, stems, leaves, and roots to a base oil to enhance the psychological and physical well-being of a client during a massage. The combination of inhalation (to stimulate brain function) and skin absorption (whole body systemic healing and pain relief) contributes to the improvement of the mind, body, and soul triad.

25Min $75 / 50Min $115 / 75Min $155



Close-up of hot stone therapy in the spa at Honor's Haven

Hot Stone

Smooth basalt or river rocks are immersed in hot water until they begin to retain heat. The heated stones are lubricated with oil and then applied to the body with pressure in a series of long flowing strokes. The Hot Stones allow a therapist to provide therapy past the surface muscle structures, without the invasiveness found in a Deep Tissue Massage, by infusing the surface muscles with a penetrating heat which encourages them to be more malleable and relaxed.

 50Min $115 / 75Min $155



Man under Lower back release at Honor's Haven

Low Back Release

Low Back Release is a highly specialized massage which utilizes a predominantly deeper pressure and focuses on pain in the lower back region. Treating the body as a system, the massage begins on the back, applies trigger point therapy to the Gluteal muscles, and stretches to the quadriceps, hips, hamstrings, and calves. This massage is fairly invasive and requires constant communication between the therapist and client (not for relaxation.)

50Min $120 / 75Min $160



Close-up Prenatal Massage kit at Honor's Haven


Prenatal Massage is a massage tailored specifically for pregnant women. The massage incorporates a light to medium pressure to induce relaxation, encourage lymphatic drainage, improve blood circulation, and reduce stress. Usually done after the passage of the first trimester, the prenatal massage avoids certain trigger points along the shoulder region and in the foot region. The technique is applied while the client is in the side lying position to ensure the comfort of both the mommy and baby-to-be.

50Min $115 


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