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Private Sessions

Our Private Healing Sessions incorporate energy healing to reactivate the chakra system in the body. Our rejuvenating sessions include developing the tools for self-healing as well as engaging in self-watching exercises that will not only restore the physical body but also heal emotional issues, fear, and self-defeating habits. Working one-on-one under the care of an experienced healer is one of the most effective ways to address almost any issue or concern that you have, quickly and expediently.


Aura Reading

Your Aura is the energy field around your physical body. Our biofeedback imaging system will provide you with a visual display of your aura and energy condition, showing how you can bring and maintain more balance in your life.

Fee: $50 / 30 min

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Mind/Body Alignment Healing

Misalignment of the body and mind can cause joint problems, weak or tense muscles and reduced function of organs. By aligning your body structure you can recover the natural position of joints, muscles and organs as well as improve mental clarity. Mind/Body Alignment healing deepens our working understanding of the relationship between mind & body and benefits us with greater mobility and increased energy.

Fee: $150 / 1 hr


Energy Healing

Every human being has their own energy field. In our daily life, our energy field is affected by stress or negative emotions and is easily broken. Energy Healing allows individuals to experience deep relaxation combined with harmonizing and strengthening of the energy field of the body. This healing also helps to recover physical health through realigning the energy structure, regaining inner focus & recharging life energy.

Fee: $150 / 1 hr


Chakra Healing

The human body has an energy system of 7 Chakras. The 7 Chakras harmonize the health of body, mind and spirit. Just as batteries are full of electricity, if you keep your chakras full of life energy, you can keep your energy system balanced & revitalized. Chakra Healing will help you circulate and recharge life energy in your chakras by releasing suppressed emotional blockages, leading to lightness from heaviness in the energy body.

Fee: $250 / 1.5 hrs


Nature Meditation Healing

Return to the Wisdom of Nature! Mother Nature is the origin of all life forms. She can bestow great wisdom for reclaiming and realizing our essence. Meditation with nature will help you recover the natural rhythms in your body and mind. The Honors Haven property contains a perfect balance of all 5 elements of nature. Our instructor will guide you through outdoor meditations to receive healing powers from each element.

Fee: $100 / 1.5 hrs