A private wellness session at Honor’s Haven

Private Sessions

Personalized Guidance for Natural Healing & Revitalization

Our Private Healing Sessions incorporate energy healing to reactivate the chakra system in the body. Our rejuvenating sessions include developing the tools for self-healing as well as engaging in self-watching exercises that will not only restore the physical body but also heal emotional issues, fear, and self-defeating habits. Working one-on-one under the care of an experienced healer is one of the most effective ways to address almost any issue or concern that you have, quickly and expediently.

Lady having Aura Reading session at Honor’s Haven

Aura Reading

Your Aura is the energy field around your physical body. Our biofeedback imaging system will analyze the flow of energy through your body and generate a visual display of your aura and energy condition, showing how you can create and maintain the energetic balance in your life. Private consultation to improve the balance of your energy will be provided.

 20Min $50


Lady under Mind:Body Alignment session at Honor’s Haven

Mind/Body Alignment

Misalignment of the body and mind can cause joint problems, weak or tense muscles and reduced function of organs. By aligning your body structure, you can strengthen your joints, muscles and organs as well as improve emotional balance and mental clarity. Mind/Body Alignment healing helps you attain greater mobility and increased energy.

 60Min $250 / 90Min $300


Lady under Energy-Boosting Healing session at Honor’s Haven

Energy-Boosting Healing

The energy system inside our body is constantly affected by stress or negative emotions. Energy Healing allows individuals to experience deep relaxation combined with enhancement of the energy field of the body. This healing also helps to recover physical health through recharging life energy and balancing the energy system.

60Min $250 / 90Min $300


Man helping a woman in chakra meditating at Honor’s Haven

Chakra Healing

The human body has an energy system of 7 Chakras. The 7 Chakras harmonize the health of body, mind and spirit. If you keep your chakras full of life energy, you can keep your energy system balanced and well-functioning. Chakra Healing will help you circulate and recharge life energy in your chakras by removing emotional blockages and stagnant energy.

60Min $250 / 90Min $300


Close-up of a neck therapy session at Honor’s Haven

Acupressure Healing

Acupressure Healing is a massage technique that utilizes energy principles and human body energy system (meridian system). By using this massage technique, pressure is applied to the acupressure points along the meridian channels which facilitates the flow of Ki energy, improve circulation, and restore internal organs and musculoskeletal functions.

60Min $200 / 90Min $250


close-up of tools used for sound healing at Honor’s Haven

Sound Healing 

Sound Therapy, by combining unique vibrations and body resonance, is effective in not only achieving a state of relaxation but it also has a way of moving through blockages in the body. Sound Therapy has been known to help treat such conditions as stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, depression, sleep disorders, pain and autism.

60Min $250 / 90Min $300


2 women holding hands & conversing at Honor’s Haven

Life Coaching

Our professional coaches will work with you to clarify what you want most from life and provide support, guidance and fresh perspectives needed to achieve your goals. Explore and discover your highest potential. Identify your challenges and turn them into your strengths. Live an energized, passionate healthy life with clarity, vitality, and confidence.

90Min $250


Executive leadership coaching session at Honor’s Haven

Executive Leadership Coaching

With timeless principles of leadership development, our senior coaches will help you identify your challenges as a leader, find workable solutions, and turn them into your strengths. Find your greatness within to help yourself and others.

90Min $300


Premium intuitive healing session at Honor’s Haven

Premium Intuitive Healing  

Our Intuitive healer helps you look into the root causes of your pains and challenges. You will leave feeling relaxed and able to tackle day to day challenges with more clarity and ease. The benefits of these healings happen on many levels: emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual. By establishing deeper connection with yourself, you will always receive exactly what you need.

60Min $380 / 90Min $500


Energy Healing session at Honor’s Haven

Customized Healing

Everyone has their own physical, emotional and spiritual needs. After spending some time speaking to one of our senior healers about your concerns, you will receive an analysis of your condition, a customized healing session tailored specifically to you, and home exercises for your continued healing.

60Min $330 / 90Min $400


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