Women engaged in indoor exercises at Honor’s Haven Retreat

Wellness Classes & Membership

Increase Your Vitality, Serenity & Resilience

Our Wellness Classes are a combination of Energy Yoga, Healing Tai-Chi, Breathing & Meditation. Each class is designed to awaken the body’s sensitivity. You will increase your power of total concentration and awareness of the more delicate energies moving in the body. You will also stretch your brain’s circuitry to become flexible and activate increased communication of brain cells (neurons) maximizing Mind/Body connections and natural healing potentials.

Woman at an energy yoga session at Honor’s Haven Retreat

Energy Yoga

Energy Yoga is a modern adaptation of the ancient Eastern energy-mindfulness practices. It utilizes the vital life energy (Chi) that travels throughout the body. Through vibration, free movement, deep stretching, and focused breathing, practitioners learn to utilize the subtle energy to reduce stress and anxiety and enhance the positive state of mind.

People engage in healing Qi-gong near Honor’s Haven Retreat

Healing Qigong

Healing Qigong trains muscles, breath, and the mind, creating one of the most comprehensive exercise and self-training systems in existence. Studies have also shown that regular Qigong practice yields incredible healing results, particularly for those suffering from sleep disorders, neuro-muscular complications, spinal misalignment, joint pain and muscular dystrophy.

People sitting for Guided Meditation at Honor’s Haven Retreat

Guided Meditation

Meditation slows down brain wave activity and subdues stress. It will remove stress and replace it with a dose of inner peace. Moreover, the meditation practice will give the power to observe one’s self, helps to make healthier choices leading toward lasting changes in lifestyle and mindset. Learn ageless wisdom of mindfulness with lasting benefits.

People sitting on rocks bye the waterfall near Honor’s Haven Retreat

Guided Outdoor Meditation

Guided meditation at well-prepared mediation sites: waterfalls, Mago tree, and 120 steps. Each site has unique features and inspiration. Session inspires focus, clarity, reflection and positive energy. Can also be used as a supportive activity for other course or activity.

Class Schedule for Honor’s Haven Guests

To support our guests’ experience of well-being during their stay, we offer wellness classes for all our guests. For current class schedule, please ask our front desk staff.


9:30am - 10:30am Guided Nature Walk Guided Nature Walk Guided Nature Walk Guided Nature Walk Guided Nature Walk Guided Nature Walk Guided Nature Walk
5:00pm - 6:00pm Wellness Class Wellness Class Wellness Class Wellness Class

Wellness Class     (7:30pm)

Wellness Class Wellness Class


Private Group Wellness Classes are available on request. Fees will apply.
Please ask our front desk staff or call our wellenss department at 845-210-3154.


Class Schedule for EarthMind Wellness Members

Online classes for Wellness Membership are designed to help members achieve their health and wellness goals. These classes provide members with access to Zoom as well as interactive tools and resources. Online classes offer members the chance to learn about, exercise, stress management, and other topics related to health and wellness.

Online Classes (On Going)

8:30am Energy Yoga   Core
      Vibration Class    
10:00am Intestine Core Energy Yoga Tai Chi &
Weights/Energy Yoga
Energy Yoga Energy Yoga/
Tai Chi (rotating)
Self Healing Qigong
1:00pm   Chair Yoga   Breathwork &
  Energy Yoga/
Tai Chi (rotating)
5:30pm Energy Yoga   Energy Yoga   Tai Chi & Qigong    
7:00pm Intestine Core   Strengthening
      Vibration Class    
9:00pm       Energy Yoga      


For more information, 
please visit or call the EarthMind Wellness Center

Call - 845-210-3154

Email - earthmind@honorshaven.com

Wellness Gift Card used at Honor’s Haven Retreat

Elevate Wellness: Your Gift Card to Balance

Show your care with a present that promotes balance, vitality, and a renewed sense of self. It's more than a gift – it's an investment in their health and happiness.