People at a Ropes course ground at Honor’s Haven Retreat

Ropes Courses & Challenge Activities

Empower Yourself and Expand Your Boundaries

The aim of many activities is to allow the participants to view themselves as increasingly capable and competent. By attempting a graduated series of activities, which involve perceived physical or emotional risk, and succeeding (or sometimes failing) in a supportive group atmosphere, a person is empowered to develop true self-esteem.

All our activities are “Challenge by Choice” – meaning that participants are encouraged to go beyond their normal comfort zones. But participants determine their own level of involvement. Our challenge course is located in the beautiful Catskills Mountains that house many varieties of plants and animals. Each program gives participants an opportunity to experience the outdoors and increase their comfort level in connection with nature.

Woman engaged in high rope course near Honor’s Haven Retreat

Ropes Courses

Our Ropes Courses feature 12 low ropes elements and 13 high ropes elements. Each element in these courses provides an opportunity for critical thinking, problem solving, responsible risk‐taking and team‐building. You and your team will learn how to maximize your potential by hands-on learning that engage everyone’s brain and heart together.

Zipline Course

Our 600-foot double zipline course can be used as a stand-alone exercise or as an addition to challenge activities to celebrate and highlight successful completion of the challenge activities.

Ziplining at ropes course near Honor’s Haven Retreat
Rock climbing tower at Honor’s Haven Retreat

Climb Walls

3 paths of climbing walls offer different levels of challenge that you can choose depending on your strengths, skills and motivation. Climbing will be facilitated either by a trained belayer or auto belay each of which provides unique learning experience and fun.