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Director of the EarthMind Wellness Center

Sarah is the Director of the EarthMind Wellness Center. She has been a master healer, brain educator and workshop trainer for 20 years. Early on, she was looking for the purpose of life while studying Counseling Psychology in graduate school. During that time she found Yoga & Qi-Gong based on traditional Korean energy training and she realized her mission of healing and giving benefit to all in her life.

She has guided many individuals in their discovery and awakening of their own personal healing power and connection with the greatest potentials of their higher divinity. As a Director of the EarthMind Wellness Center, Sarah is looking forward to guiding a way to Holistic Living of Health, Happiness & Peace through holistic healing, brain education, meditation & retreat programs.




Mentor of the EarthMind Wellness Center

Chung Hae has been mentoring individuals on the ancient Asian philosophies of holistic health for over 30 years. Having shared her knowledge with numerous individuals from around the globe, Chung Hae’s teachings are rooted in the ideology of the three components of each individual’s life force; the physical body, the energy channels and the spirit.

Through awakening and empowering one’s potential in the seven (7) major chakras, Chung Hae is able to guide individuals to discover the truth within them while building balance between mind, body and spirit.




Wellness Program Coordinator

Nicholas Bach is the Wellness Program Coordinator, Ropes Course Facilitator, Team Building Trainer as well as Yoga/TaiChi Instructor at Honor’s Haven. Over the last 7 years he has worked with a variety of groups and individuals, from students to the elderly, in facilitating wellness workshops/classes, teambuilding excursions, and education programs. Now, he continues to be a community resource as he teaches holistic health and helps people heal, find inner peace and connect with their own higher self as well as helping groups achieve their goals. As a yoga/tai chi instructor, his gentle and precise teaching style combines elements of BodynBrain Yoga, Qi Gong, and Meditation, as he holistically guides students to connect with themselves and cultivate more energy and vitality. Nick has traveled abroad to India as well as Korea to learn practices of spirituality and inner cultivation and has spent many years integrating esoteric wisdom with his background in Art/Design and Education.