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Manager of Wellness Center

Sarah Choi is the Manager of the Wellness Center. She has been a master healer, holistic life coach, workshop trainer, and brain educator for 21 years. She also has been the lead trainer for the Catskills R&R Retreat and Self Renewal Detox Retreat at Honor’s Haven Retreat & Conference.

She has guided many individuals in the discovery and awakening of their own personal healing power and connection with their greatest potentials. As the manager of the Wellness Center, Sarah is looking forward to guiding guests towards a Holistic Life of Health, Happiness & Peace through holistic healing, meditation, brain education, life coaching & retreat programs.




Senior Trainer of Wellness Center

Chung Hae has been mentoring individuals on the ancient Asian philosophies of holistic health for over 30 years. Having shared her knowledge with numerous individuals from around the globe, Chung Hae’s teachings are rooted in the ideology of the three components of each individual’s life force; the physical body, the energy channels and the spirit.

Through awakening and empowering one’s potential in the seven (7) major chakras, Chung Hae is able to guide individuals to discover the truth within them while building balance between mind, body and spirit.



Nicole Wasserman

Wellness Center Coordinator

Nicole Wasserman is currently a Wellness Program Coordinator at Honor’s Haven Retreat and Conference in upstate NY. Nicole has practiced holistic eastern mind-body-spirit training including yoga, Qigong, Tai Chi and meditation since 2010.

Nicole teaches classes as well as coordinates and leads yoga and meditation retreats, and also does acupressure massage sessions for alleviating pain, stiffness and various stress conditions. Nicole devotes her time to helping people strengthen their body, increase mindfulness and reawaken their innate healing abilities to greatly improve the quality of their life.




Wellness Activities Manager

With over 10 years of experience working with groups and individuals of all ages, Nicholas Bach has developed a passion to help others achieve their goals for positive, holistic growth and transformation.  He is able to put groups at ease through his personable demeanor and professionalism, drawing from his extensive history leading holistic wellness classes + retreats (including qigong, tai chi, and meditation), outdoor activity facilitation (ropes course operations), and children’s camp development/operations.

 Through his facilitation, your group will develop communication, trust, and interpersonal harmony, while exercising critical thinking and creative problem-solving.  As the Activities Manager at Honor’s Haven, he hopes to continue to guide guests towards their greatest potential through fun, challenging, and meaningful outdoor activities and initiatives. He looks forward to working with you!