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Sarah Choi

Sarah Choi is the Director of the EarthMind Wellness Center at Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa. She has been a master healer, teacher and workshop trainer for 16 years. Early on, she was looking for the purpose of life while studying Counseling Psychology in graduate school. During that time she found Yoga & Tai-Chi based on traditional Korean energy training and she realized her mission of healing and giving benefit to all in her life.

Sarah has worked as a coordinator of holistic healing programs, meditation tours and Healer School at the Sedona Mago Retreat Center in AZ. She has spent the last 10 years as a manager and head trainer for Yoga & Tai-Chi centers in New York, New Jersey and Texas. She has also taught the staff of Kabbalah Centre in Manhattan, NY and had co-opened workshops for their students.

She has guided many individuals in their discovery and awakening of their own personal healing power. From her experience, she has developed her special ability to balance the chakra system and to assist individual’s self-development with awakening their potential power.

As a Director of the EarthMind Wellness Center, Sarah is looking forward to guiding a way to a Holistic Living of Health, Happiness & Peace through holistic healing, brain education, meditation & retreat programs.


Maya Lee

Maya Lee is the Assistant Manager for the EarthMind Wellness Center at Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa. Having studied business administration and working as a customer service manager at Wal-Mart in Korea for 3 years she has led customer service training for employees as an instructor and a certified image consultant. She has also worked as a Jr. Consultant at the HSP Consulting U-DAP, one of the most renowned education consulting enterprises in Korea. The mission of U-DAP is to ‘make a public benefit enterprise to benefit the world.

She supervised staff training sessions for employees at more than 100 out of 2500 companies that U-Dap consulted with including: Samsung, Hyundae, Postco, and local governments.

With her wish to reach out to more people in the bigger world, she moved to the USA in 2008 and worked as a manager of Dahn Yoga at Montvale, NJ. She then stayed in Sedona, AZ to study holistic healing and further her goals. There she received a certificate for position therapy, Tai Chi, Yoga and Meditation.

As the Assistant Manager for EarthMind Wellness Center, she will be teaching Energy Yoga, Healing Tai Chi and Organ Detox Yoga classes. She will also facilitate one-on-one consultations to guide others toward gaining health and happiness through a brain-healthy lifestyle. She is also an assistant trainer for the 10 Day Life Empowerment Training occurring every other month. Her expertise is guiding people how to develop potential healing power through increasing the magnetic field around the body and enhancing the energy of the Chakras.


Nick Bach

Nick Bach is a Yoga/TaiChi Instructor at the EarthMind Wellness Center. Possessing a multi disciplinary background in Art/Design, Education, and Wellness he hopes to share with others simple yet practical holistic lifestyle techniques for a more balanced life. From San Francisco to Chicago, Nick has spent the last five years working with various youth organizations across the US. He believes in the importance of holistic wellbeing for stability and progress in all aspects of our lives. He has also had opportunities to travel abroad to India as well as Korea to learn more about various practices of spirituality and inner cultivation.

Having been practicing Dahn Yoga for over 5 years, Nick is certified as a Brain Management Trainer, has facilitated various workshops including Healing Chakra, Energy Principles Workshop, Finding True Self and teaches class regularly at the EarthMind Wellness Center. He looks forward to serving the community and helping others achieve their greatest potentials for a deeper connection with self, healing, inner peace and empowerment.