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Our Method

EarthMind Wellness Method

The power of the mind is incredibly far reaching in its potential. The mind originates in the brain. Using meditation and inner awareness to practice controlling your brain waves, you can access the ability to master your mind.


By connecting with universal energy you can create healing brain waves to biologically trigger the secretion of regenerative hormones within the body. With continued harmonization of mind/body, the recovery of your optimal holistic health condition is created.

Development of a holistic lifestyle is the goal of the EarthMind Methodology. Through our professional energy training, mind body alignment services, meditation, healing, and focused breathing, the EarthMind Method ultimately exists to help practitioners achieve their highest levels of personal potential effectuating positive change, healing and growth.

There are five steps of Brain Education to be aware of in our holistic technique.

Step 1 Brain Sensitizing

Awaken to your body’s sensitivity through regular wellness classes. The Brain governs every single part of the body and different parts of the brain interact with different parts of the body. By design, specific stimulation of the body activates specific areas of the brain. This is what is meant by Mind/Body. When you fully awaken the body’s sensitivity you will increase your power of total concentration and awareness of more delicate energies moving in the body.

Step 2 Brain Protracting

Loosen up your brain! Brain protracting is the process of stretching your brain’s circuitry (synapses) to become flexible so as to activate increased communication of brain cells (neurons) and maximize your Mind and Body connection and natural healing potentials. Our Wellness Classes such as Energy Yoga, Detox Yoga and Healing Tai Chi/Qigong as well as Meditative Breathing & Mindful Meditation techniques are all designed for the effects of Brain Sensitizing and protracting.

Step 3 Brain Refreshing

Purify emotional memories and brighten your mind! Most memory is a mixture of factual and emotional experiences. When we are exposed to repeated situations, our emotional memory is triggered, leading to similar or repeated emotional reactions. With Brain Refreshing you will learn to release emotional energy consciously through exercises as simple as breathing and laughing. By releasing negative emotions we gain the power to control and maintain our wellbeing in positive, progressive ways.

Step 4 Brain Integrating

Connect with unlimited vital energy through your brain stem. By merging with life energy, you can integrate the three layers of the brain (neo-cortex, limbic system & brain stem) and meet with the divine essence. Experience a profound awakening about your true self, universal nature and the deeper purposes of life.

Step 5 Brain Mastering

Through Brain Mastering you will develop the creative will power to achieve your life’s purpose. To utilize your will power unlimitedly you need to set goals that are beneficial for humanity as a whole. As you benefit a larger amount of people, your brain possesses dynamic ways to create and extend your contributions to others as an Earth Citizen.