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Team building

Workshops, Ropes Course, and supportive amenities and services are carefully designed and organized both the goals of individuals and groups in mind, with a subtle mixture and balance of fun, challenge, comfort, nurture, and break-through.
All our activities are “Challenge by Choice” – meaning that participants are encouraged to go beyond their normal comfort zones, but each participant determines their level of involvement. Our course is located in the beautiful Catskills Mountains that house many varieties of plants and animals. Each program gives participants an opportunity to experience the outdoors and increase their comfort level with being in contact with the outdoors.


Our workshop programs explore teamwork, cooperation, trust, relationships, communication, failure and success in an emotionally and physically safe environment. Facilitators encourage groups to evaluate how they work as a group and empha size the importance of a cooperative, supportive atmosphere that involves all. Our desire is to encourage groups to discover new models for working together and respond to each other’s needs in the process of working toward a common goal.


ropes course

The aim of many activities is to allow the participants to view themselves as increasingly capable and competent. By attempting a graduated series of activities, which involve perceived physical or emotional risk, and succeeding (or sometimes failing) in a supportive group atmosphere, a person is empowered to develop true self-esteem.


Supportive amenities and services

Experiences in all activities will be enhanced by supportive amenities and services such as special dining, spa and wellness classes, optimized for the team purposes. These amenities and services will help the group relax and nurture their body and mind, focus on the programs comfortably and get maximum benefits intended in the programs.


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Tel. 845-210-3114 / Fax. 845-210-3147