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Labyrinth Garden & Forest Hiking


At Honor’s Haven, we understand that connecting with nature is an integral part of living a full and joyful life. Even if you’re a casual explorer you’ll find yourself smitten with the resort’s peaceful and tranquil qualities.

Offering a unique and meditative experience, the WISH Garden at Honor’s Haven has been designed with specific energy connections – allowing guests to slip away from the distractions of everyday life.

Visit the Concierge Desk for a map.


Whether you’re a novice hiker just looking to enjoy the experience, or an expert looking for a challenge, we have a trail for you! Winding through the foothills of the Shawangunk Mountain Range, the resort’s trail system is long enough to get the full hiking experience, while providing you enough time to make it back before your next meal, session, or spa appointment.


Yellow Trail

The Yellow trail is an easy to moderate trail. At the beginning of the trail there is one semi-steep incline, but once over it the trail is pretty easy. Walking the yellow trail you will encounter a forest filled with maple, sycamore and pine trees among many others. When you reach this point you are nearing the “Mago” tree. (0.3 Mile, 40min ~ 1 hour for round trip)


Orange Trail

“Mago” means “Mother Earth”. Mago tree is the biggest and most majestic tree of our forest and is an ideal place for meditation and reflection. Near the Mago tree, you can find a circle of rocks and log seats for your rest and relaxation.

From the other side of the Mago tree you can catch the orange trail. You will find that this is a very short trail. Part of this trail runs parallel to a beautiful babbling brook before connecting with the Red trail. (0.1 Mile, 5~10 Min)


Red Trail

For the more avid hiker, this trail runs parallel to the Yellow trail, eventually connecting. (0.3Mile) The Red trail offers more of a challenge and workout with near vertical slabs of rock that are common to the area. With the higher elevation, your view of the mountains and wildlife are magnificent.