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Eco Healing Park

Our golf course is currently transforming into Eco Healing Park.


In line with our plan for sustainable development, Honor’s Haven is turning its existing nine-hole golf course into a Healing Park.
With this change, we seek to offer an environment and experiences for holistic wellness, transformational leadership and
greener hospitality. To expand our impact, we dedicate this park to ECO for spreading the spirit of Earth Citizenship and
advancing its mission for a harmonious sustainable world.

ECO is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Its mission is to create a global community of Earth Citizens by educating leaders,
promoting ECO Living and supporting a caring community culture around the world. ECO seeks to connect 100 million people
around the world in the spirt of Earth Citizenship.

Through this transformation, Honor’s Haven intends to have a positive impact on the entire industry and inspire further changes
toward a harmonious sustainable world for all.

Some activities may not be available as we are progressing towards transformation.


  • park_img01Fishing
  • park_img02Rope Course
  • park_img03Soccer Field
  • park_img04Boating
  • park_img05Photo Zone
  • park_img06Archery
  • park_img07Open Field Games
  • park_img08Stone Art
  • park_img09Sun Bathing


Zen Garden

Be Present and Let Things Be.

The settings and atmosphere of Zen gardenshelp
their visitors to meditate and reflect on their life
actions and journey not by doing something but
by quiet mindful presence.

  • Calming effect that heals the mind, body and spirit
  • Alleviation of fear and doubt
  • Deep relaxation
  • Acceptance of what is and letting go of attachments
  • New insights and wisdom for life and self through
    clearer mind
  • park_garden_img01Vegetable Garden
  • park_garden_img02Kiva Garden
  • park_garden_img03Perennials
  • park_garden_img04Herbs
  • park_garden_img05Apple Orchard
  • park_garden_img06Pumpkins


Barefoot Walking

Be Grounded and
Wake up from the Sole

Walking is one of the most basic body movements
that we do everyday. We started to walk barefoot,
and that’s how we develop the sense of balance,
body awareness, muscles and bones, and motor
control for walking. It helps adults the same way.

  • Calming effect that heals the mind, body and spirit
  • New insights and wisdom for life and self through clearer mind
  • Deep relaxation
  • Acceptance of what is and letting go of attachments
  • Alleviation of fear and doubt
  • park_barefoot_img01Fallsview Course
  • park_barefoot_img02_2Trail Course
  • park_barefoot_img03Picnic Area
  • park_barefoot_img04120 Meditation Steps
  • park_barefoot_img05Mago Glade
  • park_barefoot_img06Forest Tree Swing

Zero Waste Program

  • park_zero_img01Recycling Composting System

    Organic waste in landfills generates, methane, a potent
    greenhouse gas. By composting wasted food and other
    organics, methane emissions are significantly reduced.

  • park_zero_img02Solar Energy

    Solar energy is a win-win: when solar panels generate
    electricity, they produce zero emissions, which means they
    don’t contribute to climate change or health issues like more
    traditional sources of energy.