All Adventures Getaway

Challenge yourself by overcoming your limitations

2 Night, 3 Day Retreat


Availability: EVERY WEEKEND (April – October)



Love outdoor life and adventures? We put all styles of adventures into a power package, which will help you stretch your body, mind, and spirit as far as you want to go in multiple directions. More than 20 elements of low ropes and high ropes, 3 different levels of rock climbing walls, and a liberating zip line experience. Your weekend will be full of adventures and unforgettable memories with lots of fun, impactful learning experiences and life changing breakthroughs.


2022 Schedule

January/February/November/December: Not Available
March/April/May/ June/July/August/September/October: Weekends only

Program Outline

  • Check-in and welcome
  • Night under the Sky
  • Ground initiative and challenges of low elements
  • Challenges of high elements
  • Campfire at Kiva
  • Natural habitat exploration

Program Benefits

  • Hands-on learning on how to take challenges responsibly
  • Overcoming personal limitations
  • Self-esteem and confidence
  • Working with other people harmoniously


Current Season Rates Weekend
Single Occupancy $800
Double Occupancy $595
Additional Adult
(after double occupancy)
Youth (Ages 11-16) $280
Children (Ages 6-10)  $141
Children (Ages 0-5) FREE

Getaway packages include 3 meals per day.
Rates are per person based on Standard Room accommodations.


Call 844-469-7829