OCTOBER 16-18, 2020
2 Night / 3 Day Retreat

Single Occupancy $1,050
Including room and board (All inclusive)

*all inclusive rate per person **Due to Covid-19, Double occupancy is available only for family members

At our Healing Qigong retreat, we will guide you in trainings based on Qi (or vital energy), self-healing, consciousness and the understanding of interrelationships, all in the beautiful and pristine nature. Each aspect of your being— body, mind, spirit— are inseparable and must cooperate fully for optimal health.

During this weekend Healing Qigong retreat, Senior Master Trainer Bama will guide you in our powerful and sincere Qigong and healing methods. Having the energy healing and Qigong training in Nature will help strengthen your energy foundation, promote self-healing, and develop your Consciousness.

Program Outline

  • Basics of Qigong
  • Developing senses of energy
  • Energy principles
  • Practices for directing energy
  • Application of Qigong for healing and self-cultivation
  • Postures and moves for developing energy

Program Benefits

  • Strengthens the body, muscles and bone structures
  • Strengthen one’s natural healing power and immune system
  • Circulates internal Qi energy flow
  • Helps normalize blood pressure
  • Prevents osteoporosis
  • Helps diet and weight control
  • Activates brain cells and balances left and right brain functions
  • Builds self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Improves learning ability, focus, memory and work performance

Accommodation includes:

  • Yoga and wellness classes
  • Free admission to daily activities*
  • Access to spa facilities (indoor pool, Jacuzzi area)*
  • Use of indoor/outdoor sport facilities (tennis, basketball and volleyball court)*
  • Fishing (catch and release)*
  • Spa services – massages and skin care**
  • Use of private hiking trails*
  • Paddle boat*
  • Free WIFI
  • TV
  • Mini refrigerator**
  • * schedule varies (outdoor amenities are available season and weather permitting)
    ** Indicates additional fees may apply

For more information, please contact: