Winter Retreat & Teambuilding Package

20% OFF events held December 2021 to March 2022

Function at higher levels by bringing your team to Honor’s Haven. Engage, have fun, and bond while taking on challenges that have important lessons at their core. Our wellness experts have decades of experience helping groups through inclusive and welcoming classes, activities, and team-building exercises as part of our all-inclusive corporate wellness packages.

Everyone will leave invigorated and ready to claim the future!

Package includes:

  • Standard room
  • 3 meals per day
  • 1 standard coffee break
  • 1 meeting room with AV included
  • 1 choice of wellness service or teambuilding games
  • Free campfire or fire pit in the evening
  • Free WiFi and parking
  • Access to Spa & Sauna, pool and hotel amenities

Minimum 10 Rooms / Single Occ.

Teambuilding & Wellness Options

Select (1) Activity

Indoor Team Games - Fun Package
(1.5 Hours)

Maximum group size is 20, minimum group size is 10 (multiple sessions required for groups larger than 20 participants). Focused on group enjoyment and fun. Activities and games in this package can be geared more towards kids and groups looking for lighthearted bonding experiences with low level challenge.

Indoor Team Games - Harmony Package
(1.5 Hours)

Maximum group size is 20, minimum group size is 10 (multiple sessions required for groups larger than 20 participants). Focused on cultivating total team harmony through challenging yet invigorating activities. Package activities are centered on collaboration, group problem solving, engagement of body, mind and heart, trust-based communication.

Indoor Team Games - Ambition Package
(1.5 Hours)

Maximum group size is 20, minimum group size is 10 (multiple sessions required for groups larger than 20 participants). Focused on teamwork/ teambuilding through friendly and exhilarating competition and dynamic interaction. Package activities foster collaboration, group problem solving, leadership, creative thinking and fun.

Kiva Meditation Session
(1.5 hours)

Guided meditation at Kiva Garden meditation site. Provides a ceremonial setting for spiritual reflection and inspiration. Can also be combined with council training or used in the beginning or end of another event for ceremonial wrap-up.

Energy Yoga
(60 Min)

Starting / Ending a day with Energy yoga and Healing Tai-chi exercise will help: Relaxing body, calming mind, strengthening core, enhancing awareness. Allow your mind and body to feel/manage the subtle flow of energy inside, promoting inner balance with serenity and vitality. Wellness class has been an enjoyable and restorative addition to your intense group schedule and programs.

(60 Min)

Qi-gong involves slow movement with the flow of energy to increase awareness and power. It corrects physical posture and balances one’s energy. Qi-gong helps the practitioner to develop inner strength, emotional balance and postural alignment.

Guided Meditation
(60 Min)

Meditation slows down brain wave activity and subdues stress. It will remove stress and replace it with a dose of inner peace. Moreover, the meditation practice will give the power to observe one’s self, helps to make healthier choices leading toward lasting changes in lifestyle and mindset. Learn ageless wisdom of mindfulness with lasting benefits.

Honor’s Haven partners with industry leaders in the fields of Team Building and Professional Development

  • Customized Events: We create events tailored to your company. After a needs assessment to help you find the perfect program, we customize it to fit your group's size, goals, and allotted time.
  • Committed Professional Facilitators: With years of practical experience and know-how, our committed facilitators will work with your group for your best results and satisfaction.
  • Holistic Approach: Every program and activity at Honor’s Haven enhances physical, mental, and emotional well-being, helping to improve of your team in all aspects of life and performance.
  • Wide array of facilities: Our beautifully arranged and well-maintained indoor and outdoor facilities include rope courses, rock climbing, zip-line, hiking trails, workshop/class studios, a wide array of meeting spaces, large dining room, meditation gardens, spa, indoor pool, gym, tennis/basketball/volleyball courts, and fitness center.
  • Stunning Natural Setting: Our 260-acre mountain retreat is beautiful in all four seasons.
  • Your Sustainable Choice: We provide greener hospitality through chemical-free grounds maintenance, extensive composting, and other meaningful initiatives. We are currently working toward several substantial sustainability goals, including planting a large food forest, building a solar farm, and producing net-zero waste output.