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New You in All Adventures

Challenge Yourself. Redefine Who You Are.

2 Night 3 Day Retreat

Single Occupancy $740 | Double Occupancy $575* 

All-inclusive rate per person.
*Due to Covid-19, Double occupancy is available only for family members

Love outdoor life and adventures? We put all styles of adventures into a power package, which will help you stretch your body, mind and spirit as far as you want to go in multiple directions. Total more than 20 elements of low ropes and high ropes, 3 different levels of climb walls and the celebration of zip line for icing on the cake will make your weekend full of adventures and unforgettable with lots of fun, impactful learning experiences and breakthroughs.

Program Outline

  • Check-in and welcome
  • Night under the Sky
  • Ground initiative and challenges of low elements
  • Challenges of high elements/Rock climbing and zip lining
  • Campfire at Kiva

Program Benefits

  • Hands-on learning on how to take challenges responsibly
  • Overcoming personal limitations
  • Self-esteem and confidence
  • Working with other people harmoniously
  • Hands-on learning on natural habitat


Accommodation Includes:

  • Yoga and wellness classes
  • Free admission to daily activities*
  • Access to spa facilities (indoor pool, Jacuzzi area)*
  • Use of indoor/outdoor sport facilities (tennis, basketball and volleyball court)*
  • Fishing (catch and release)*
  • Spa services – massages and skin care**
  • Use of private hiking trails*
  • Paddle boat*
  • Free WIFI
  • TV
  • Mini refrigerator**


* schedule varies (outdoor amenities are available season and weather permitting)
** Indicates additional fees may apply


Call 844-469-7829

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