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Living Essentials

Find Your Essentials. Live with Less.

Living Essentials
Living Essentials

MARCH 17-21, 2021
JUNE 23-27, 2021
SEPTEMBER 15-19, 2021
4 Night 5 Day Retreat

Single Occupancy $1,650 | Double Occupancy $1,330*

All-inclusive rate per person.
*Due to Covid-19, Double occupancy is available only for family members

The Corona Pandemic has put everything in our life to test, leading us to see the reality of our life face to face. Life is not secure; we don’t have much control, each of us has to take responsibility for our personal health. Life cannot be sustained in isolation, and we have to care for each other.

Worrying about surviving in the wilderness may be a stretch, but there are ways to make our lives less stressful and more sustainable, while making it more enjoyable and meaningful from the inside out. The wisdom, principles, and skills that you attain through this retreat will be your reliable companions for life.

Trainer Steve Kim

Life-long practitioner and teacher of sustainable living and natural health, Steve helped to establish the Earth Citizens Organization (ECO) to align the Earth Citizen Movement as an international initiative for creating sustainable communities. Steve helped develops Brain Education programs from their inception. He is consulting the International Brain Education Leadership Alliance to promote Brain Education globally.


  • A simple life: find the essentials in life and learn to manage them
  • Zero-waste: find more uses for everything before throwing them away
  • Isolation: voluntary disconnection from all external information, and learn to direct your attention inward
  • Nature’s gifts: learn to make tasty, nutritious, and long-lasting foods
  • Finding shelter within: learn to be comfortable with yourself
  • Share and connect: participate in creating a more caring and sustainable world


  • Simple a life and have less stress
  • Wisdom and hands-on skills for natural healthy living
  • Resilience and strength to go through challenges
  • Be comfortable with yourself and others even under pressure

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