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Healing Chakras Retreat

Heal Your Chakras. Balance Your Energy

FEBRUARY 12-14, 2021
APRIL 23-25, 2021
JULY 9-11, 2021
SEPTEMBER 17-19, 2021
DECEMBER 10-12, 2021
2 Night 3 Day Retreat

Single Occupancy $850 | Double Occupancy $695*

All-inclusive rate per person.
*Due to Covid-19, Double occupancy is available only for family members

You are more than your body. Your entire self comprises your physical, energy and spiritual bodies. True happiness is attained in the harmonious balance of these three bodies. What connects and balances these three is the energy system called chakras. This retreat helps you restore balance to your chakras and recover the health and strength of your body, mind, and spirit. All learnings, insights and experiences during this retreat will guide you to the path of fulfilling life.

Program Outline

  • Introduction
  • Awakening the senses of chakra energy
  • Awakening and healing the chakra system
  • Cultivating the power to maintain balance of the chakra system
  • Learn how to complete the chakra system

Program Benefits

  • Less stress and balanced emotions
  • Improved digestion, circulation, stamina, and mood swing
  • Improved focus, confidence, and positive attitude
  • Spiritual awakening and empathy, better connection and relationships
  • Mental clarity and determination

Accommodation Includes:

  • Yoga and wellness classes
  • Free admission to daily activities*
  • Access to spa facilities (indoor pool, Jacuzzi area)*
  • Use of indoor/outdoor sport facilities (tennis, basketball and volleyball court)*
  • Spa services – massages and skin care**
  • Use of private hiking trails*
  • Paddle boat*
  • Free WIFI
  • TV
  • Mini refrigerator**

* schedule varies (outdoor amenities are available season and weather permitting)
** Indicates additional fees may apply

Call 844-469-7829

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