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COVID-19 Travel Advisory: Based upon Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order 205, issued June 25, 2020, certain states meet the criteria for required quarantine.

Read the Guidance

Thank you for choosing Honor’s Haven Retreat & Conference Center. We have been working diligently to modify the hotel
accommodations to directly reflect the requirements of local, state, and CDC guidelines related to concerns around the COVID-19
pandemic. We have enhanced our social distancing guidelines throughout the hotel, increased the standards of cleanliness with
frequent sanitation throughout all public areas, and engaged wellness screenings at the Front Gate for all guests and staff.
Our top priority at Honor’s Haven is and always has been the safety and well-being of our delightful guests and dedicated
employees. Below, you will find updates to our operational standards to control the hotel environment and prevent the spread
of the virus. By providing proper PPE (personal protective equipment) and training for our staff, we will continue to provide
exceptional service to our guests.

Honor’s Haven continues to be dedicated to developing proper protocols and procedures for all employees to enjoy a healthy
workplace. In addition to ensuring temperature checks and questionnaires at the gate upon arrival to each shift, employees are
provided with proper face masks and gloves to use as appropriate within CDC guidelines. Employee areas have been rearranged
to accommodate proper social distancing among both office spaces and break areas. Hand sanitizer and wipes have been
provided to each employee for general use, and proper signage has been posted throughout the hotel to remind employees
of guidelines. Schedules have been adjusted to accommodate CDC recommendations to protect other employees in alternating
shifts. Web-cams have been added to all office employee work stations to avoid in-person meetings between departments.

A Safety Team has been established that is responsible for ensuring all measures have been implemented, recorded, and are
being followed by all employees. This team also monitors the day-to-day operations and examines any possible changes to our
protocols during this time.

We appreciate your patronage and are fully committed to providing a memorable experience during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Should you have any questions or concerns please refer to this guide or contact our Guest Service team.

Please use this informational packet to reference in anticipation for your stay. The information provided will breakdown how
Honor’s Haven Retreat & Conference is operating during the COVID-19 pandemic. This packet can also be used as a tool while
you are staying with us.

Contact Us

Dial “0” from any in-house phone
Dial “845-210-1600” from your personal phone
Text “845-795-3633” from your personal phone
Email frontdesk@honorshaven.com

In Case of Emergency

Although we hope no one becomes ill or injured during their stay, our fully trained response team will respond immediately
to any health concern that may arise. Should anyone become ill or show symptoms of COVID-19 during their stay they should
contact Hotel staff immediately. We will direct immediate and strict quarantine in their guest room until local medical
professionals are contacted for further instruction.

General Guidelines

Arrival to Hotel

Upon arrival to the hotel the Security Guard/Gate Attendant on duty will follow the below procedure:

1. The Security Guard/Gate Attendant will ask guests the following questions:

• Have you or any of your immediate family members felt feverish or had a body temperature exceeding 100.0°F?
• Are you/they feeling shortness of breath or other difficulties breathing?
• Do you/they have a cough?
• Do you/they have any other flu like symptoms?
• Have you/they experienced recent loss of taste or smell?
• Are you/they in contact with any confirmed COVID-19 positive patients?

2. The Security Guard/Gate Attendant will perform a temperature check for all persons in the vehicle.

If anyone in the vehicle has a temperature of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher or has answered YES to any of these questions,
all guests in the vehicle will not be allowed access to Honor’s Haven property and will be directed to the nearest medical facility.

Assumption of Risk

All arriving guests will be required to sign an assumption of risk upon check-in. Even though we are implementing all possible
measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19 through aggressive sanitization, physical distancing procedures, and countless
operational changes to limit person-to person contact where possible, our guests may still be at risk. If a guest does not sign
the assumption of risk, they may be asked to leave.


Upon entering the property, all guests will be required to wear a facemask when in any public area of Honor’s Haven property
and anytime when the required six-foot distancing from others cannot be maintained, as has been ordered by the Governor
on April 17, 2020. Should any guest require additional masks, they may purchase them through the Gift Shop or Front Desk.
Any guests refusing to wear a face mask will be asked to leave.

Physical Distancing – Occupancy Limits

Guests are advised to practice physical distancing by standing at least six feet away from other groups of people not traveling
with them while standing in lines, using elevators or moving around the property. In locations where there may be potential
crowding of guests, floor markers have been installed to help with physical distancing. Dining room tables, lobby chairs, and
other physical layouts have been arranged to ensure appropriate distancing. Please do not move any furniture in any area
at any time. Employees will be reminded not to touch their faces and to practice physical distancing by standing at least six feet
away from guests and other employees whenever possible. Honor’s Haven will comply with local or state mandated
occupancy limits in all facilities and public areas.

Hand Sanitizer Stations

Hand sanitizer stations have been installed throughout the property. Hand sanitizer dispensing stations are placed at key guest
and employee entrances and contact areas such as the front desk, lobby area, dining room entrance, bar, elevators, and
restrooms. Sanitizer will be provided throughout the back of house for employees. It is recommended that individuals wash
or sanitize their hands frequently.

Safety During Interaction

Acrylic barriers have been installed at each reception desk and cashier station. Please be mindful when interacting with staff
during this time. Normal procedures have been modified to ensure the safety of guests and staff.


Proper signage has been added to public restrooms, lobby areas, meeting rooms, concession areas, and elevators. There are
health and hygiene reminders throughout the property including the proper way to wear, handle and dispose of masks.
Electronic signage/television screens will also be used for messaging and communication.

Health & Safety

Guest Services

Honor’s Haven Guest Service team is committed to providing the same level of service even during these challenging times. Please note the following changes in procedures:


• Upon arrival to the Front Desk, guests will be greeted by a masked Guest Service employee wearing gloves.
• The Guest Service Agent will confirm all reservation details with the guest.
• The Guest Service Agent will collect a Registration Card and credit card to keep on file.
• Guests will receive a Welcome Kit with the keys to their guest room, sanitizing wipes, and instructions on how to contact
Hotel staff during their stay.
• At this time, luggage assistance is unavailable but luggage carts are available for personal use.

Guest Interaction

During this time, Honor’s Haven will be taking steps to keep person-to-person contact to a minimum.

• Guests are encouraged to contact the Guest Service Team via any in-house phone, personal cell phones, or email.
Dial “0” from any in-house phone or dial “845-210-1600” from your personal phone. A text line has been established for guests
who wish to text the Hotel directly. Text “845-795-3633” from your personal phone.


• When a guest is ready to check-out, they can contact the Guest Service Team by dialing “0” from their room phone.
• All final billing will be taken care of and a receipt will be emailed to the guest.
• All room keys and information that needs to be discarded can be left in the guest room.
• At this time, we are unable to provide luggage storage. Should a guest not have a place to store their luggage, the Guest Service
Team will provide a check-out time that correlates with the guest departure.

Guest Rooms & Cleaning

Honor’s Haven Housekeeping staff has always been and continues to be dedicated to the cleanliness of all
areas throughout the hotel. We are proud to enact the following modifications to our cleaning regimen:

• All cleaning products have been upgraded to hospital grade products that are appropriate for fighting COVID-19.
• Each guest room is being properly ventilated after being vacated. The hotel requires a 72-hour vacancy between each check-out
and check-in for each individual guest room.
• Electrostatic sprayers and ozone machines have been incorporated into routine housekeeping cleaning procedures.
• All touch surfaces in the rooms including the upholstery items are being sanitized prior to guest arrival.
• Guest rooms have been assigned as per social distancing norms.
• Guest rooms have been provided with enough linens for each guest. We recommend the reuse of linens, such as towels,
not only to help save the environment, but also to avoid contact with others.
• Guest rooms have been provided with multiple trash bags. Guests should place their trash in bags outside of their guest room
daily. Trash pick-up will be at 11:00am and 2:00pm daily.
• Bed linens and turn down services are restricted to facilitate minimal contact. Turndown services are currently unavailable
to all guest rooms.
• All books and information directories have been removed from the guest rooms as we are not able to sanitize these items
between guests.
• Toilet paper in the bathroom is placed on the holder with the wrapper still on the roll.
• Should additional amenities be required, such amenities will be wrapped and delivered to the guest room. Hotel staff will leave
items outside of the guest room, knock, and then immediately leave so that the guest may retrieve the items.
• Should guests experience any issues with their room that would normally result in Hotel staff entering your room, we will
request the guest room be moved. This includes clogged toilets, malfunctioning AC/Heating units, television not working,
etc. Hotel staff will not enter any guest room that is currently occupied with guests.

Food & Beverage

Guest Services

Upon reopening, we are implementing the following protocols for all Food & Beverage services:

All managers in the dining room, kitchen, café, and bar have been ServSafe certified. Managers have provided
food safety training to all staff with enhanced sanitation guidelines regarding hygiene and disinfecting practices.

Main Dining Room

• Based on local government guidelines meals may need to be served Plated versus Buffet.
• Buffet services, when available, have been completely renovated with the installation of new buffet lines that have built-in
breath guards on each section.
• When applicable, guests are required to wear gloves to utilize the buffet lines.
• Masks are required in the dining room at all times by all guests and employees. Masks may only be removed when eating.
• Only every other guest table will be utilized in the dining room. A maximum of 10 guests, within the same party, are permitted
at each table.
• Social distancing markers have been placed throughout the dining room to allow proper distancing at each buffet line and
maître d’ station.
• Should a guest not feel comfortable eating in the Main Dining Room a to-go meal may be prepared. Guests are able to eat
at outdoor locations or their guest rooms. Please be mindful and dispose of your garbage immediately.


• Cafe hours are limited at this time. Please confirm hours of operation with the Front Desk.
• All surfaces are washed, rinsed, and sanitized between prepping different foods to avoid any food contamination.
The Cafe will only use cleaners and sanitizers recommended safe during COVID-19.
• All Cafe staff will wear gloves and change their gloves frequently to avoid contamination.
• A limited menu will be in place during this time. Menus are subject to change.
• All orders will be provided in a to-go container, unless otherwise pre-packaged.
• Limited seating is available at the Cafe. A maximum of 4 guests, of the same party, are permitted at each table.


Guest Services

While we have limited amenities available it is our wish for guests to have fun, but stay safe! Assume personal responsibility
and be mindful of yourself and other guests in the hotel. We strongly encourage guests to only participate in activities
with individuals within their immediate party. Some amenities have reduced capacities at this time.
Current available amenities include:

• Honor’s Haven Hiking Trails
• Virtual Wellness Classes (information provided by Front Desk)
• Indoor Pool
• Wish Garden
• Eco Healing Park
• Indoor/Outdoor Tennis Courts
• Indoor/Outdoor Basketball Courts
• Indoor Game Room
• Paddle Boating
• Fishing

At this time, we ask guests to bring their own personal recreational equipment with them. This includes, but is not limited to,
tennis racquets, sports equipment, fishing poles, device to stream wellness classes, and yoga mats.

Current unavailable amenities include:

• Outdoor Pool
• Spa Services
• Locker Rooms, Saunas, Jacuzzis
• Fitness Center

Covid-19 Amenities Update