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Our Wellness Classes are a combination of Energy Yoga, Healing Tai-Chi, Breathing & Meditation. Each class is designed to awaken the body’s sensitivity. You will increase your power of total concentration and awareness of the more delicate energies moving in the body. You will also stretch your brain’s circuitry to become flexible and activate increased communication of brain cells (neurons) maximizing Mind/Body connections and natural healing potentials.


Energy Yoga

Energy Yoga utilizes the vital life energy (Chi) that travels upon meridians and Chakras throughout the body. Through vibration, free movement, deep stretching, and focused breathing, practitioners are able to develop sensitivity to energy through alpha brain waves. The flow of each class is scientifically designed to reduce stress & anxiety and increase Dopamine and Serotonin levels in the brain leading to a clearer and more positive state of mind.


Healing Tai-chi

Healing Tai-Chi trains muscles, breath, and the mind, creating one of the most comprehensive exercise and self-training systems in existence. Studies have also shown that regular Tai Chi practice yields incredible healing results, particularly for those suffering from sleep disorders, neuro-muscular complications, spinal misalignment, joint pain and muscular dystrophy.


Detox Yoga

Organ Detox Yoga is designed to purify internal organs by increasing bowel movements and releasing stagnant emotional energy. Through whole body tapping, core strengthening and accumulative energy breathing, acupressure points open and energy circulation increases. Regular practice yields results in weight management, release of emotional blockages, and the revitalization of organ functions.

Wellness Class Schedule

10-11am Energy Yoga Self-Healing Yoga Energy Yoga Healing Tai Chi
5-6pm Self-Healing Yoga Healing Tai Chi