Relax and Refresh for Serenity, Vitality and Empowerment

Your typical days will begin with an inspiring wellness class, including yoga and tai chi, followed by a guided outdoor meditation and hike through the serene natural landscapes. Your instructors will guide you to experience and learn the subtle art of healing your body, mind and heart for resilience, serenity and vitality in line with selected themes that your group selected. Then let everything settle in at night around a cozy outdoor fire pit beneath the deepness and clarity of the Catskills skies while your insights and experiences sink in and become part of your inner strength.

*Room and Dining fees not included


Daily Schedule

3-5 pm Check-in
6-7 pm Dinner
7:30-9 pm Introduction to holistic wellness
8-9 am Breakfast
10-11:00 am Morning Yoga
12-1 pm Lunch
2-2:30 pm Guided Outdoor Meditation
4-6 pm Free Time
6-7 pm Dinner
7:30-9:30 pm Wellness Workshop for selected themes
9:30-10 pm Gathering around Fire pit w/s’mores
7-8 am Meditative walk in the labyrinth garden
8-9 am Breakfast
10-11:00 am Tai-chi Class
11-11:30 am Wrap-up
12 pm Room Check-Out
12-1 pm Lunch

Program Includes


Introduction to holistic wellness

What are you looking forward to on this retreat? What do you want to take away from your time here? At the welcoming introduction, your retreat schedule will be reviewed to guide you towards your goals. After, through simple relaxation exercises, your mind will become clearer and calmer from any busy thoughts and tiredness you may have arrived with. You will be ready to experience pure mindfulness.


Yoga & Tai-Chi Class

While you stretch muscles and move joints gently, energy will flow more smoothly through the energy channels (meridians) of the body, refreshing the brain (clarity of mind) and replenishing the body.


Guided Outdoor Meditation

Reconnect with nature and as well as with your companions. Whether we are aware or not, we are indeed a part of the majesty, mystery and grace of the natural world. Through simple methods of awareness and focus we can open our hearts and minds to the wonders and graces of the world around us.


Wellness Workshop for
monthly/seasonal themes

Learning simple and effective wellness tools can help you work with greater efficiency and effectiveness at home and at work. Learn how to reduce stress, strengthen your core, sharpen your focus, boost your immunity, balance your emotion and alleviate physical pain through breathing technique, mindfulness practices, healing exercise and dietary guidelines. Details vary in accordance with monthly/seasonal themes.


Meditative walk in labyrinth

Our beautifully designed labyrinth allows you to walk down the path and reach the center of the circle. There you will find a pagoda of completion and a place to sit. With your journey to the center complete, connect with your recovered inner strength and make a wish, beyond any transient & temporary success, for true happiness and fulfillment in your life.


– Wellness Services; Private Healing Session**
– Aura Photo with Individual Consultation**

Package Includes (*Room & Board is additional fee)

/ Standard Accommodations
/ Three Buffet Meals Daily

Room Accommodation Includes

/ Access to Spa Facilities (indoor pool and outdoor, wet/dry saunas and Jacuzzi)*
/ Use of indoor & outdoor sport facilities (tennis, basketball & Volleyball court) *
/ Fishing (catch & release)*
/ Spa Services; Massages & Skin Care**
/ Access to the Fitness Center*
/ Hiking trails*
/ Paddle boat *
/ Free WIFI
/ Mini Refrigerator**

* Schedule varies (outdoor amenities are only available season & weather permitting)
** Indicates additional fees may apply.