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Protecting the Environment


It is Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa’s environmental policy to reduce its carbon footprint through sustainability initiatives and eco-friendly practices while maintaining high standards for cleanliness, guest comfort, and customer service. We strive to be environmentally friendly by recycling, purchasing energy efficient and recycled products, conserving energy and water, and employing green products to the extent consistent with guest comfort and acceptability.

We have achieved Green Concierge Certification, Tier One- Bronze!

In July of 2015, Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa became certified through the HospitalityGreen (HG) LLC Green Concierge Eco-Business Certification ™ program. As an organization, we have a strong passion for sustainability and green business practices. We have demonstrated our dedication to the Green Concierge program through staff trainings, the implementation of recommendations and adherence to the Tier One Bronze set of standards of the program.
Throughout the year our property will continue to improve and track our environmentally sustainable practices with the assistance of HG. It is our intention to qualify as a Tier Two – Silver facility under the GC Eco-Business Certification program by the close of 2016.

Our Sustainable Practices

We are implementing the following practices to comply with the Bronze Tier standards of the GC certification:

• We have adopted an environmental policy and will continue to track our resource conservation initiatives.
• Green Seal certified nontoxic cleaning products are used in our guest rooms.
• We are testing Green Seal and Eco-Logo certified products for use in our laundry systems and throughout the property.
• We purchase 30% recycled content copy papers and 50% recycled content bathroom tissue papers.
• We have a policy to replace expired light bulbs with energy efficient alternatives.
• We have installed low-flow aerators in all guest room faucets and showerheads, and we offer guests the option of participating in our towel and linen re-use program.
• A formal water conservation policy is in development. Front loading low water use washing machines are used for all laundry.
• Our facility is tracking all waste, recycling and donations throughout the year. We recycle all papers, cans, and plastic food containers.
• We dispose of hazardous waste according to state regulations.
• Our staff members participated in a 3 hour green training and will continue to be actively involved in trainings throughout the coming year.
• We established a Green Team in April of 2015.
• The best way to reduce waste is to avoid creating it. Consequently, we have implemented many source reduction initiatives. Listed below are a few of them:

– Recycling bins have been placed in every guest room.
– Furniture, linens and soft goods are donated to local charities.
– We purchase in bulk to minimize packaging and truck transport to and from our resort.
– We encourage Email confirmations and E-Brochures to reduce the amount of paper products used.
– We give a second life to slightly used soaps and plastic amenity bottles by participating in Clean the World’s Global Soap Project. Since 2009, Clean the World has distributed more than 22 million bars of soap in 96 countries.
• We want our guests to know about our energy, water and waste saving efforts, and encourage feedback about our sustainable practices. Please ask us if you have questions.

Hospitality Green Mark What is HospitalityGreen’s Green Concierge Eco-Business Certification ™?

Some call it a bird, others a flower or a leaf, either way this is the symbol proudly carried by HospitalityGreen’s Green Concierge® (GC) Certified businesses, a nationally recognized third-party certification. The eco-business certification, initially developed in 2009 for New York Catskill lodging properties, currently has 84 lodging properties in Delaware, Massachusetts and most recently 37 participating businesses for the City of Santa Fe, New Mexico.
HospitalityGreen LLC is a New York based consulting firm specializing in environmental and operations consulting services. HospitalityGreen, partners with service-based and product-based clients throughout the hospitality, manufacturing and institutional healthcare industries, to implement sustainable business practices.
The Green Concierge (GC) Certification ™, conceived by HospitalityGreen in 2009, works with tourism and lodging facilities throughout the U.S. to help improve their economic vitality and their sustainable business practices without compromising service delivery or customer satisfaction. The GC Eco-Business Certification provides a third–party audit for improvements in resource conservation and a company culture of environmentally conscious business practices. The GC Certification process is structured in three tiers (Bronze, Silver and Gold) – with each tier representing a realistic benchmark and advancement to subsequent tiers dependent upon a business’ commitment, their verifiable resource tracking, their dedication to developing a company culture grounded in resource conservation and their pursuit of increasingly rigorous sustainable practices.

For more information on the Green Concierge Eco-Business Certification ™ and HospitalityGreen LLC, visit www.hospitalitygreen.com